Nice new cinematic VR experience ( Age of Sail )

Anyone can tried it on large FOV mode and tell us back their feelings?

Age of Sail


You may need to edit your link. You’ve linked to the reviews part, not the game/experience itself

Thanks for the link. That looks like a game which might interest me. I’ll post what it looks like with a wide FOV, next year, once I have my headset.

Next year ~~~ha ha ha hha

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I have just tried it on my 5K+. It’s very good experience, but it does not bring the best of 5K+. The extra resolution of 5K+ is useless on the low poly of the 3D cartoon. I think Samsung Odyssey + should be better for it with less SDE.

i think this kind off experience will look better on the pimax 8k(because of the softer look)

Yeh I agree. I think so. Yeh 20 words…