[NextGenVR] THROUGH THE LENSE: Varjo Aero vs. Pimax 8KX vs. Meta Quest 2!

In this video I show through the lense footage of Half Life Alyx, Asgard’s Wrath, and Zenith MMO in the Varjo Aero, Pimax 8KX, and Meta/Oculus Quest 2.


Nice review! Still REALLY liking my Aero, even with the downsides it has (mostly distortion, FoV). The image quality just rocks.


This really stood out to me. Look at the texture depth and detail on the floating rock on the right.

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Have you been in touch with Arpara about getting a review unit? Or did you back it? Interested to hear your thoughts in particular on it.

They did not send me a review unit.

Did you back it? I guess no point if you have the aero already.

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