[NextGenVR] My Review of the Pimax DMAS Earphones - The New King of Off-Ear VR Sound Quality!


That you are “somebody all ready impressed with the KDMAS” isn’t a basis for comparison for me, as I am not so inclined. That’s fine. Like visual, we all have different auditory idiosyncrasies.

Not knowing what degree of improvement can be even attributed to the 2 pieces of software not included with the DMAS also muddies the waters. I don’t think “not included” software should even be considered as part of the evaluation of the hardware.


Have you tested the Reverb G2’ and Index’ sound system as well? How did you get to this conclusion? :confused:

I really have a hard time believing these are better than index speakers… But I’m hoping you’re right, would be nice to have great sound when my pimax 12k arrives (whenever that may happen)

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Mine dont work at all. will try it again when I get some free time

These are not better then the valve index speakers,they do miss the lower bass response for sure…
But for clarity and mids(after tweaking alot) these are realy good…


Technically they are better than the index speakers. The default balancing and tuning done by valve is quite nice for an awesome out of the box experience.

Hi NextGenVR

Im wondering why you have the y-splitter cable attached in your video, was this an error or did you review the DMAS with the y-splitter cable attached ?

I am not able to compare mine to either Index or HP Reverb v2 as I do not own any of them.
But I must say that I do like your review :+1:, but I do not share you opinion about crips bass, I would call it lack of bass (not only because they are open ear design) but even though I tune them with APO Equalizer and PEACE Equalizer interface, im unable to get a satisfying amount of bass.
Yes I have tried with the KD-MAS cups :wink: did not solve the lack of bass :grin:
My 8KX does not have a problem with the 7KHz whine either, so that part is a non issue for me. And I guess that we can conclude that the components inside my specific 8KX is new enough to support the DMAS fully (without issues)

I have one question.
Are your DMAS “speaker rods” the aluminium colored rods loose as well ?

Mine are quite loose and able to rotate, not just move up and down. Due to this the speakers “flop around” when turning my head quickly. This was not a problem that is present in my KD-MAS speakers.

Personally I really really REALLY hope Pimax do not deliver the same DMAS speakers for the 12K QLED, as this would be quite dissapointing for such a premium and expensive device.


Only the end result mattered. Spec i

mine is loose.

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unfortunately only the end result matters.

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Sorry but thats not true…

You cant get the bass response out of the DMAS i tried it with every eq out there,but the speaker drivers in the dMAS cant handle that…The index speakers can handle that and that you will hear…

The highs and mids After ALOT of tweaking are very very good in the DMAS and thats great…But its a pitty they could have been great with a better bass resonse.

So i hope the pimax 12k wil use better drivers for the DMAS…

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You realize your subjective post is largely different than the very review you are posting about?

The clarity and mids are better after alot off tweaking on the dmas…i said that…

But i also said,they are lacking low to mid low frequenties…the DMAS speakers cant handle that…

See my little review about the DMAS:


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