Next Pimax at CES

Here :

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Is the result of strategic alliance with stepvr finally coming out?

Don’t know we will know more at CES next week end.

I don’t understand how they consider a 200° FOV. They probably use the same screen then the Pimax V1 for each eye. Having two screens does not multiply the FOV by 2 (Ok, i see what is achieved).

The sensor will solve the drift issue for sure.

I hope that will we be able to set the focus and that there will be an option to set the ipd in game.
As i said it seems that the ipd changes with games.
I expect two versions, one with controllers and one without because i’m not interested by the controllers.
It’s only for simracing and i don’t need them.

By the way if you want to test a VR headset, just test it with a simracing game. If it works fine it will work for everything else.

The starvr uses a dual fresnel lens. I hope that they don’t use fresnel lenses.

No focus?

Well this is interesting for sure. Hopefully they’ve moved onto display port 1.4. If they did, I guess I’ll just ditch the current version then and get this one instead.

The only thing though is that you’ll need higher resolution input which is a problem at the moment. For example Steam is locked to 1080p at the moment so if you’re going to watch that on this headset, the result will be quite terrible, effectively giving only half of that per display.

The same thing goes for movies. I’ve yet to find any movie content higher than 4k. So again the result when watching a 4k movie will be more like 1440p but just with a higher FOV.

And even if 8k content becomes available in the future: who knows if Pimax will support display port 1.4 this time ? I wouldnt be surprised if they’d support only lower versions so we’ll be having the same problem again like we have now.

So, thinking about this, I’m not sure if this headset is going to be a winner.

They should not come off as trying to have semi Vive Controllers nor looking like a StarVR HMD. It just seems blatant & extra questionable, time will tell of the quality, I presume.

I wish they’d just improved the current version. I mean, a 4k OLED screen with more vibrant colours, display port 1.3 connection allowing 4k @ 120hz, more comfortable headset, physical adjustable IPD, that would have been a KILLER machine, a real game changer.

That’s what they should have done. Throw in some positional tracking and they could of really upset the big players. I’ll be behind the electrified fence even after reviews.

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It’s really great to have a higher FOV though the sde should not change.
You don’t have many solutions and if one works fine (StarVR) you have to do the same thing.

I think they are on the right way and i’m sure that all other VR headsets will take the same way.

Could this be the positional tracking system and motion controllers hinted at by PimaxVR for this current generation?
A retro fit solution may be near.

I wonder how it could be possible for the first version.
Anyway, i hope that the controllers will be optional for the V2.

What about the focus? Be able to set the focus for each screen would be perfect.
And what about the IPD? I hope it will go higher than 70 mm or it’s dead for me.

Having two 4k oled screens would be perfect.
But if i compare to QHD mobile phones, it’s probably too expensiv and perhaps there is even no 4k oled screens available now on the market in order to build the headset.

By the way QHD screens have screen door effect.