New VR mod for GTA V from the creator of NOLF2 VR Mod

1 day ago it was announced the new VR mod for GTA V from the creator of No One Lives Forever 2 VR mod:

The reviews seems to be very good.

@SweViver tested in the past the VR mod of NOLF2 from the same outhor.

Can anyone who owns the GTA V game try this mod on Pimax ?

EDIT: here is the link to the VR mod:


How is this different from VORPX?

I’m curious.

Also Please test it. I would totally test it but I boxed my 5K+ weeks ago in preparation to send back the loaner unit.

From the comments, I understand that this mod is better than VorpX. VorpX seems to have low fps, incompatibility issues.

The mod is oculus only from what I’ve read. People have tried using revive with it but it didn’t work correctly. I don’t know if the direct pitool opening of oculus games would work…

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Thanks for sharing! :+1::tada::wink:

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Yes i read that it has a ghosting effect on index.
Maybe the chap who made revive will be able to do something.
Its worth a try through pitool though


I couldn’t get it to work via pitool, I just kept getting rockstar launcher not connecting errors

New release with experimental steam headset support


Niiiice can’t to try that mod and have it working too :+1:

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Cool… I will give it a try tonight… thanks for posting the update! []-)

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No worries.
It’s working great on the valve index.
I haven’t tried my pimax yet, but hopefully it will work fine on pimax now too.
I will try tonight if nobody else has by then.


How does melee work?

It doesnt have motion control’s so just usual buttons on a gamepad etc…
You do have a body & arms though, so you see the punches etc . Being thrown.

I’m quite happy with this though, as it’s a long game I’d like to spend a lot of time in, so seated with gamepad is ideal for me

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Would be nice if it work with Cybershoes when on foot.

Happy to say it works really well with the pimax 5K plus … still has a few small issues with certain things like the phone being too close to your face and built-in animations such as getting hit by a car which is extremely jarring but obviously since it was never meant to be played in VR those kinds of inconsistencies are to be expected.

I would also caution anyone who is prone to VR sickness to probably skip this one but if you have strong VR legs then definitely give it a shot because just walking around and driving around Los Santos in a wide FOV headset is so immersive!!!

I used to play this with a bunch of my friends back in the early days of VR when we were still all using dk2s at VORPX and I can tell you this is so much better than that! Working on a video today and hopefully we’ll have it posted by this evening. []-)

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Excellent news.
I think I’ll try it in the pimax tonight, to see if wide fov adds to immersion.
So did you run it on large fov?

Yes there are a few issues.
Any cut scenes or small animations ie… getting in/out cars, going to cover, like you said, getting hit by a car & so on, send the 3d & camera views a bit weird temporarily.
I had some issues with the camera angle on an early mission.
I played about 3 - 4 hours on it last night & started to get used to the little problems.
To me it seems like it’s going to be completely possible to thouroughly enjoy playing through the whole game in vr.
Finally! After all these years of waiting for a good enough mod…

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Yeah I agree with everything you said when it comes to the small animations and I also feel for someone with strong VR legs the game is now fully playable in VR which is amazing!

As far as the wide field-of-view I played it on the 120hz mode which also made the game silky smooth but of course does reduce the fov slightly. I plan to go back in at some point today and switch it back to regular 90hz with either normal or wide fov to test.

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Ok thanks.
I’m currently having trouble trying it with my 5k.
It’s blurry & the 3d is all wrong like in the cutscenes.
I’ve spent an hour trying to sort it but ran out of time now until tonight.
Maybe I need to download the beta pitool version.
Were there any other steps you took to make it work in the 5k+?

No all I did was install the mod per the directions and fire it up good. I do get a slight weird flashing from time to time which I read is due to the way the developer implemented the stereo 3D using alternate eyes.

I am however running the m248 firmware with the latest 197 beta Pitool… I noticed shortly after upgrading the firmware and installing the new beta that a lot of my issues with my 5K plus went away and as a bonus the distortion is now almost 100% gone!

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Ok thanks.
Plugged index back in & all working.
I still have old pimax software & not even sure if my 5k can do 120hz yet.
I’ll update & try again later

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