New to DCS, just trying it out with the free version

Hi all,

so… DCS… i thought i would give it a go on Pimax 4K. Initially FPS was crap, managed to get it to a stable 45-55 and still fairly high visuals, (lots of testing and tweaking).I am even working on a VoiceAttack profile to minimise keybindings.

haven’t managed to land the SU-25T yet, but i am new to flight sims, ED was my primary game, but i am persisting. have got it onto the ground but im usually broken landing gear or im on fire or whatever.

Are there any DCS fans out there that could tell me which key bindings are used mostly so rather than me creating a VoiceAttack profile that maps every single binding I will just bind the important ones. Also tell me if the final Binding Profile will be the same for all aircraft? i suspect not but wanted to check?

Also tips and tricks, i actually wanted to try the helicopters in mission editor, but i think you cant even try them out unless you bought the heli modules… bit of a shame.


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