New rumors about the Apply VR/AR set in 2023-01

Several websites inform about the apple VR/AR headset, new rumors like “digitaltrends” can be found.
If that is true, they may probably outperform Pimax Crystal. AND they will have AR+VR.

I am still searching for an AR enhancement for my 8KX…

the real 8k HMD (in Dollar) :rofl:

2018 - first roumors, apple goes to vr
2019 - some patents leaked
2020 - later this year we will … but here is the price
2021 - later this year we will … but yeah 2x8k
2022 - later this year we will …
2022 - later this year we will provide …

Latest rumours have it that you will be clipping a battery to your waist to use it. Very unlike apple, so I’m guessing this really will be the roughest product we have seen from Apple in a long time. Likely a dev kit in all aspects, which is fine tbh. Hopefully they will embrace VR, and games, more than the rumours have been suggesting.