New Pimax meetups and 8KX demos in Europe - Are you interested, or could you help out?

So Im sitting here at the hotel room totally exhausted on the last night of the US roadshow here in New York, and Im thinking… How about doing a few more meetups in Europe in February? Personally I love doing these roadshows, meeting you all and sharing the experience of the Pimax 8KX, especially since its still not released and many have their doubts, or just hate waiting (like I do haha).

Last time in November/December during VR Berlin and VR Space, you never got the chance to try the 8KX because we had the early v3/v4 in-house units which failed one after another. Today I have currently three 8KX units in my bag going back to Sweden, together with 8K+, 5K Super and Artisan. They have all (including the other five or six 8KX units that went back to China and partners) survived the CES and roadshow so Im sure they will survive lots more. These are basically the final units, with RE housing, except for the MAS which is not final, and one or two small changes in the housing/hinges of the HMD which will be made for the first official 8KX batch.

The upcoming days and week, I will discuss with VR Space Darius and VR Days Alex again about potentially running new meetups in February. But apart from that, Im planning to do a meetup in my home town Stockholm, Sweden, most likely in mid February or late February. All I need is a place to host it, and some more high-end computers also maybe :slight_smile: I will talk to if they are interested to help out.

So yeah, I might also need YOUR help here guys… :slight_smile: And Im pretty sure I will travel alone (maybe me and a camera man only), as the majority of the Chinese crew are going on Chinese New Years holidays now.

Apart from Berlin/Germany, Gouda/Netherlands and Stockholm/Sweden, do you have any suggestions for other locations for some potential Pimax meetups?

  • Do you run a VR arcade or host a nice space for a meetup?
  • Do you have access to some high-end PCs for a day or two?

Let me know here in this thread. I would love to keep this roadshow going and I appreciate any possible help and suggestions!



Vancouver! :grinning:


I would love to go to Canada, but Im travelling home tomorrow and I think I will stay within Europe for the next month, at least until March when GDC (and other events) are planned in US again.


You have a treasure in the bag!

Sweviver Keep an eye at Beagle Boys :eyes:


Yeees, do one in Stockholm! I will come for sure if it’s on a Saturday. I live in Gävle and my car is broken so I’ll have to come by train. I might be able to help out as well but we’ll see when/if a date is set.
Almost as nice to test the 8KX as to finally meet you in person. :hugs: have a really broad public group on facebook with nerds, creatives, devs, special application professionals and whatnot. Good crowd.


Martin come to Rome for a Road Show, there Is this place that I think they will happy to organize It with you:


Hi Marcin,

Can you answer a question about the Standard MAS with the above Audio cans?

The Audio Cans are removable to upgrade to other audio solutions like the deluxe ear phones? As originally announced for M for modular?


I would love to try the 8KX in Prague, but I have no idea how many customers you have in Czech Republic except me who would attend :smile:


20 f`n thingys…


UK London 200km radius 33million people

Germany Düsseldorf or somewhere else in the Ruhrpott 200km radius 48million people
Sebastian with his MRTV Experience is in Dortmund maybe ask him i bet he is willing to host an event.

France Strassbourg 200km radius 29million people.
There seems to be a VR experience maybe ask them if they are interested

Germany Berlin 200km radius 16million people

Czech Republic Prague 200km radius 16million people


Thank you @SweViver for coming to United States to share the new headsets with us. It was great meeting you and having the opportunity to experience the 8KX. These meetups are definitely worth going to.

P.S. - Hope you enjoy the scotch! :wink:


Nice map tool… So that’s my deal :grinning:

I may have a touch with a VR arcade in Bologna, if you are interested in that region.


C’ero prima io con Roma :grin:


Hey Marcin,

You should check with @knob2001 and @Cdaked for maybe a meetup in Spain. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Would love to see you guys visit the UK… London, Manchester or Edinburgh would be great cities to base them in. I would certainly spend my time to travel within the UK if you visited.


Sorry, but Bologna wins hands down the “population within 200Km” challenge :grinning:.


London please Martin, second largest number of backers by city I believe. It would be nice to have one here for a change. I’ll help if you do have here.


Munich is also nice! And quite centrally reachable via train and plane. Could bring a PC if desired (not top end but decent: 1080 TI, Ryzen 1700)


Thanks guys, i will go through this thread later today, as Im in a rush here currently. Flying home in a few hours.

Anyway, London, Italy and Spain, maybe Prague sounds interesting! And especially UK seems to be the most requested country for one or more meetups. Although, Im not sure how the Brexit will affect travelling to UK. Do I need a Visa now from February?


Ramarcus is an awesome youtube VR content creator that runs a VR arcade in Gloucester UK.
Maybe he would appreciate a collaboration.