New Pimax Bro Here! Need help with best way of changing Survey Details and Address

Hi Pimax Bros!

I’m now one of your kind! Hug me! XD I’ve recently acquired a Pimax 8K pledge, and I started to fill out the transferred account with my own info, but the most touchy thing about it, is the Change Delivery Address (because I’m in another country than the original backer) and I would like to also change some Survey details, like preference of delivery time or controller types.

I’ve already contacted Pimax through Kickstarter asking about the change delivery address issue, and awaiting answer still.

Probably you’re a lot savvy with this stuff, so I wanted to ask which do you think it would be the best way to approach this aside from that. Did anybody be able to do this things before with a bought pledge? or is this not possible at all?

I’m a little nervous, because I need to change this details before the “Pimax 5k Plus or 8K” Surveys start to be sent around NDA lifting time, so excuse if I made wrong by asking this here, I hope this topic don’t bother the other members here, and if it does not fit at all, moderators feel free to erase all of this.

Aside from that, I’m really happy I could get the chance to be part of all this Kickstarter release at the end of the month, and not be just a lurker on this forum, but an active part of this Pimax community.

I hope you can give me a hand with this. Thanks in advance!



They will send you an updated preference email before they ship. you can make changes then as far as address and such. i do not think you can change the items that were committed and paid for to be changed since it was a kickstarter. But, Pimax has been more than fair with me in giving credits toward other products during the 4k days. So I suspect they will try their best to accommodate your needs.


Send a pm to @Pimax-Support & included @deletedpimaxrep1 (invite user)

Provide backer details. @jimh54 us likely right on changing xtras.


Welcome to be one of the backers!
@Pimax-Support will get in touch with you via email to double check your preference(5K+ or 8K) and pledge details.
You may change the address in the survey:


Thanks a lot for the info man! it would be great to add some accessories, but I understand totally.


Thanks a lot Heliosurge!


Thanks Xunshu for the help! I’ll probably do it today!