New Pimax 5K+ user, guide to DCS Setup, no base station or controllers

I am a brand new user and only took delivery of a new 5k+ unit from a couple of days ago, Dec 2019. I have no base stations or controllers, but do have a Thrustmaster HOTAS and throttle unit. After initial setup I am extremely pleased and impressed with the VR kit when using DCS free basic propeller plane. I can easily look around the 360 land/skyscape and also get that fantastic feeling of 1:1 scale inside and outside the cockpit.

When changing planes to the other free and more sophisticated avionics modelled Russian jet I notice the VR image is not as smooth.

Any tips or links that will guide me how to improve my config of the VR, as I want to purchase the Falcon F16 & tomcat etc., and I will be gutted if I can not see the aircraft avionics clearly in these highly developed cockpit modules.

FYI in pitool - the headset seems to be defaulting to 90hz and seemed to struggle to accept the 125hz config setting, then dropping back to 90hz again without accepting 125hz. I’ll try again but is there a issue here?



Hi and welcome!
there are a bunch of guides you can find using the search - it you know what to search for ;-).

First of DCS is that unfortunately rather bad FPS wise in VR - it just really needs the developers to get the engine up to date with multithreading and VR Optimized.
The 120hz ( there is no 125hz afaik) mode is only available in the two smaller FOV Settings with the current PiTool Beta version. But there is no way to get DCS running that high.

You can enable smart smoothing In PiT wich would allow 60fps to be mapped to 120hz on the display. Best use the Game dependent settings - DCS will show up in the drop down there.

More sharpness is a bit harder, first of there is a steam hack might jump in here ( set max recommended Resolution to 16384)

Also fine tuning the resolution in steam and PiTool is
another point, start with 1.0 in PiTool, check what Steam uses ( most likely something like .80) and see what you get with that. Then you can tune them up like stem to 1 (100%).

Enjoy and ask if don’t figure out the rest …
also some planes have less high res cockpits like the A 10, which just got an update in the last patch, the Hornet is nice - I don’t have the Tomcat .

Oh and how does your Titel fit ? Hope my edit fits - will get more folks to look into it ;-), I hope.


You really need to get a basestation. A single one will do and you could buy second hand. Especially in a F-16 and Tomcat (although I don’t fly them, I’m an Aussie so fly the Hornet, but I imagine it’s the same). You’re going to have to really look around, as in push your butt up off the seat and contort around that headrest, lean left and right, even forward. Fighter jets aren’t an armchair sport.
And you need 6dof for immersion in any case. It’s way better.