New panels for the 5k, not for the 8k

I wonder why the 5k is upgraded and the 8k not?
If these panels would be used, i think that i would stay on the 8k.

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It is strange they want to launch two identical products, Especially when their marketing is based on “8k” clarity. Hopefully it’s is possible to reduce the size of the 4k screens also. The 8K has so much potential being wasted


secretly hoping there’s a last minute change in that direction.


Just 8k+ and charge more


And give free 2 x 2080ti to go with


Seems like the bigger panels of the 8k make it harder to deal with distortion, would make sense to look for better/smaller panels, but how many people would accept more delays.

Inventory. If there is plans to use a smaller panel; then likely the 8k-X (if)

Read reviews not identicle. 5k+ has sde a bit better tgan vive pro. Image crisper.

8k very little to unnoticeable sde but image softer.

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And more demanding for the GPU

Yes and no, 8k needs to render only 80 FPS while 5k goes to 90 :slight_smile:

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Still do not understand this. The PPI of the 5k+ is better than the 8K so how does the 8k have less SDE? What is the resolution of each panel?

No the ppi is better on 5k+ vs 5k. 8k has a higher ppi but upscaling produces a softer image.

5k+ better sde than vive pro but more sde than 8k.


Ah thanks Heliosurge that clears things up!

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Yes i thought the same :wink:

Yes, Helio, i’ve read them and watched all vids. But then the perceptions and experiences differ a lot.
One says 8k is sharp, the order says 5k plus, another says colours better on 5k and vice versa… It’s hard to find out… Need to see in real life, but chances of a show in Holland will be…zero. at least i think so…

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I hear you. Though @destraudo had a good idea of 2 through the lens shots with camera position to lens & focus the same.

One of the berlin meetup folk did create some simulated shots.

I don’t think 1 - 2 hours testing in the testing environment will give us an idea what is better.

Let’s assume we testing under the same conditions, same graphic card, CPU, and same software (colour profile, games etc). If the results are different for 5K and 8K, that does not mean that settings can not be adjusted to reverse the results. What I’m trying to say is that we are all different, and for example for me 4K was way too dark (I really decided to send it back because of that) until I found out the workaround with switching between extended desktop and Pimax mode. Then it took me few days to find the perfect settings for 4K using this trick.

People may become really upset when they will change to 5K+ only to realise that somebody found a workaround for the issue that made them switch from 8K.


But when I make a thread asking for this very thing I get attacked and told my idea is stupid? According to all the experts on this forum through the lens shots are worthless and wont show you a single thing.


And locked exposure for brightness comparison. That’s important to me.


If a rig is used with the same magnification it will give an idea. Though a berlin backer has created several pics using Asseto & ED to give an idea of how it looks & instructions.

As for folks saying stupid things about ideas. Welcome to the internet. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles: