New owner - Change Shipping Adress

Hello, I am the new owner of the kickstarter account 3348. I have written over the Kickstarter account 2 mails and 2 mails with support ticket number SUPEN-731 to change the delivery address! Could someone take care of my request before the 5k + is sent? @anon74848233 @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen

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Just making sure you changed the address in your Kickstarter account??

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I did that first, but I wanted to confirm that from pimax.


Cool. I think it took them a couple days to reply to my address change, but they DID reply

I write here only in the forum, because since 29.12. waiting for an answer.

There is a page in the Kickstarter page where you can PM through the Kickstarter. Log into Kickstarter. Then click “Backed Projects”, Then click “View Pledge”, Then Click “message”. This will allow you to message them directly off your backer number etc etc. Good luck!!

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Read the first post. I did this too :slight_smile:

oops sorry man, I did read it but that was a second ago :persevere:

@Matthew.Xu , can you take care of that?

I saw your SUPEN and I’ll help you solve it. Thank you.


Thx, @Matthew.Xu , that’s how I imagine support.

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