New NVIDIA RTX poll : 6 months previsions

  • Will you buy a RTX 2080 in the next six months?
  • Will you buy a RTX 2080 TI in the next six months?

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If I have to. I will avoid it if I can. Will try to hold out until next gen comes out, but if I get my pimax headset and my 1080Ti isn’t enough I will have to consider it. I’ll also need to try overclocking before it gets that far. My graphics card never seems to get properly hot at stock clocks, so I think it can definitely do a bit more.


Next gen video card? in 2 years?


If it takes that long, and I can still play all the games I want to and enjoy them then yes.

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it feels like a grim inevitability.


I believe I will purchase one of them within 6 months… but I have yet to determine at this time which one.

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Hopefully delivered next week (2080Ti).


I don’t know. I’ll try my headset with my 1080 and if I am disappointed with the results (I suspect I will be) then I may grudgingly buy a 2080 ti. But I don’t consider this generation worth it’s asking price, a 2080 is not a sufficient jump unless something magic has happened for VR in the Turing architecture.


I’ll only buy a 2080Ti if there is a substantial FPS increase in VR. Comparing my EVGA 1080Ti SC2 HYBRID that I paid $999.99 (CDN before tax) to the top EVGA 2080Ti of $1700 (CDN before tax) my brain tells me I should be getting a 70% increase in FPS. There’s no way in hell that’s going to happen obviously but it should still be very decent, 40% would be nice. I would also want a HYBRID card which will drive the price up a little more. I suspect we’ll see a slight price decrease in 4 months or maybe (doubtful) AMD will make something that competes.

I have the luxury of not needing a new card right now. I don’t have a clue what I would do otherwise.


You can fit an AIO cooler yourself, use better heatsink medium (copper is the best) and higher conductive thermal filler pads than the shit they give you.

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waiting to see VR developers support first. if it’s just for raw power I’m not interested but if VR developers start to use VRS,TSS, 16-view or DLSS I’m signing it up too.

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Im actually in good place right now, I’ll be gone until mid March so wont be gaming until then. That means i dont need a 2080ti right now as I wont be able to use it. It also means when I get back I’ll have 6+ months of reviews and maybe even a small price drop to look forward to. I’m definitely getting a AIO card when I get back. Will help push OC higher with the better cooling.

Another good thing about waiting is around the time I get back zen 2 will be about released which is shaping up to be a nice cpu upgrade on par with Intel.

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I’m going to try to skip the 20xx range of cards altogther and hold out for the 30xx range (by using my 1080ti )

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Definitely going for a ti. I don’t want to be at work any more than I have to, in general, but… Between now and when I get my Pimax HMD, I figure I have enough time to do a few extra shifts. I enjoy VR too much, and am so excited about HD VR that I have to give myself the best possible experience

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Supprised by the results! Are you all Jeff Bezos nephews!?:relaxed:

well, even i am kinda tempted by the raytracing-tech, but also proud to say that i never paid the nvidia tax and am not about to start now.
yes i had one of those FX prozessors and yes i am used to run my games at 30-60 fps.
while i am pretty happy with my vega64, im realy looking forward to the next generation of team red. :wink:

2080Ti if I had to, but I will stick with my 1080Ti till the next generation. No need to go to 20…

I’m hoping the next gen will work well with the 8K X.

Waiting Pimax 8K-X first

Thinking to next 7nm Nvidia Titan March 2019

RTX 2080 TI is 60% more fast than 1080 TI in VR with 5K scenario rendering.

Where can I vote “no“?

the way i am figuring it, it will be at least late December before i get my headset if not early jan. I’ve purchased a new psu.

If i am careful between now and then , and squirrel away a little bit diligently i think i will be in a much better position to make a final call.

Things that will be much clearer by then.

uptake numbers for TSAA.
final performance numbers on 5k+ and 8k.
uptake on the 20 series in general.

if everything looks good at that point i could go all the way to a 2080 ti.