New nose peice similar to Vive's?

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Morning team,

I have been discussing via youtube comments with a british youtuber who has used pimax 4k and gave it a panning in his video review on how he can improve his experience, this was the history of the conversation

  1. he bought a pimax 4k for review
  2. could not get the lens right and produced a bad review online - YouTube
  3. i entered into conversation with him regarding it.
  4. he advised he sold the pimax but will purchase another one and try recommenced settings
  5. new pimax arrived and his comments improved but still had a few negatives, but he also mentioned… and this is the important bit. the NOSE AREA OF THE HEADSET HAD BEEN CHANGED??? he said it is more comfortable and is like his vives one?

have you changed the design of the headset around the nose area - if so can you please please please provide a version of this nose guard for us to use as this is the ONLY reason i cannot use my pimax over 1.5 hours, the pain becomes unbearable on the bridge of my nose.

you can read his comments in that URL i provided above but if there is such a thing as a new nose guard, i would so appreciate it.




Mrman in the most recent post has confirmed the nose piece has changed. He has the latest model

Great, question still stands then to @PIMAX-Support @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxVR

Can we please have the new nose guard sent to those of us that have the version that hurts our nose


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Thank you, Eno.

Just now, I asked with our Project Manager who said that both old and new batches use the same mould. I’m wonder whether the manner of wearing helmet results this difference.


Hi thanks for your reply… i dont think that is the case as the person on youtube has mentioned the 1st pimax he had definatly has a different nose area. both are 100 SN and the 2nd one he got has a nose piece similar to a vive… the 1st one had a hard plastic that hurt his nose… same as the one i have.

so i think that there is a batch out there that seems to have a remodeled nose guard which looks like the vives.

I might ask ChuckE the youtuber to post a photo o fthat nose guard if you cant find the batch.




Hi, I enclose a photo about the latest batch that is same as previous batch other than sponge mat.

Recently we are discussing to add some parts of headset to our official website store.

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Thanks for that… The extra sponge does look more comfortable. For me the hard plastic rubs on the bridge of my nose when I look up and has made it very red. I am assuming the nose piece is the same but connects to the foam in some way? If glued I would need the nose piece and the foam combined. Otherwise are you able to provide the different foam so I can try it on my 4k?

I feel I have missed out with the new 1007 models getting the more comfortable nose area