New Info about 8KX confirmed to be released next week

I’m going to try to save myself from as much stress as possible. I’ve been asking for a proper update for weeks now.

The only response so far is from @SweViver

I only doubt it’s next month because they should be sending emails to 8KX backers regarding sending back loaner units by now. It’s about 3 weeks to the ‘planned shipping date’.

Here’s the thing Pimax. Sweviver is going to be showing off the Pimax 8KX again in a week. Is it too much to ask what is going on without having to wait for a an teaser announcement from a livestream that may or not be live that will probably be delayed.

This is the 8KX we’re talking about, your flag ship the thing you want your 400 Backers the first to receive it to be GUSHING about talking positively about it non stop, being your mouthpiece for a fair review. Yet you want to sour everything regarding this experience before it even ships.

This isn’t the 3 pieces of content no one cares about and no one bothered to make a thread because it’s literally no one but one guy cared if received the codes. This headset will likely change or ‘in this case judging by how Pimax is acting’ NOT change the bad first impression Pimax has generated over the years.

Generic signing off for now. I’m not a fan of talking to a brick wall.

Sorry if this post sounds rather negative in tone, not my intention. Want to see Pimax succeed but they keep shooting themselves in the foot while tying their shoelaces together. SIGH


@PimaxUSA and @Konger maybe you want to give us an update.


The latest info is “we’ll tell you later”, but many of us have been down that rabbit hole before. @generic If you need to take a sanity break we’ll understand. The rest of us will keep requesting the same updates day after day.

Be advised!


Sure hope the information release won’t be delayed

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