New HP Headset. Better than Odyssey+?

“Copper’s 2,160 × 2,160 (per eye) displays, which have more than twice the number of pixels as the Odyssey+, and more than three and a half times as many pixels as first-gen headsets like the Rift. Looking through Copper’s lenses, sharpness is a drastic step forward over Odyssey+. And while the Odyssey+ uses a diffuser on the screen (which sacrifices some sharpness in an effort to hide the screen door effect), Copper hardly has a need for a diffuser as the pixel dense RGB-stripe displays make the screen door effect vanishingly apparent.”


I should’ve just read your abstract and be done with it. What a watery boring long article. Thanks

OLED solutions still seem to be beyond the consumer price range in an RGB strip at these resolutions.

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Hp sux, don’t get your hopes up. I know a lot of hp people, they are all mediocre:)

WMR inside out tracking is problematic; good lighting is needed.