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24hrs… :joy::clap:

Ive had a ticket on the new odoo system following on from my ticket you wrongly closed on the old system that was done back in feb… and you’re not responding in 24hrs… far from it. Still waiting now for days after you ignored my question.



In this system, you can log in through the forum?
Or do I need to go through a new registration?

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Haven’t tested but should be seperate account. Not directly linked to forum id.

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24…business hours :rofl:
Pimax can’t say anything straight, have to make all things appear much better than they are.
It’s 3 days Pimax. And there’s nothing wrong with taking 3 days, except pretending it’s one to customers on first glance and pi$$ing them off. Just say 3 days.
But my experience is you get the first reply in 3 days and then it’s back to who knows when for the next reply.
What matters more than a first reply is actually taking action to solve the problem…how long does this take? I’m finding out.


Yes they should clarify a metric vs saying

“We can gladly say that every ticket or email which is attached to help desk can be replied in 24 business hours”

“can be” folks will think means will be. So agreed better to say something along the lines of “within 3 business days” metric

With a way to call attention/escalate issue if/when system falls short.

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You don’t need to log in or register a new account, you can simply submit a ticket and do the rest of respond by email


What’s the point when you don’t respond to people? @anon74848233

I’m fairly sure pimax will respond in a day to a first ticket, the problem is you stop responding after that for days/weeks.


‘suddenly’ out of the blue I have a response… funny that! :roll_eyes:

Since Febuary. My 3rd HMD in a row has had cracks and so obviously I’ve not wanted to go through RMA again and get a 4th without knowing its worth going through the process to replace yet. i.e. have further improvements been made that will best effort assure that these cracks are unlikely to occur a 4th time?

I was told I would be kept informed then after a while my ticket got ended.

So on the new system I’ve asked again, and after some initial communication was just given an RMA, without answering the original question. Is it worth me waiting? quite a simple one!

Todays response:


What does that mean to me?

As one of the very first to get a HMD I’ve now had 9 months and of having a pimax HMD with a fault, so I don’t think is unreasonable of me to be quite annoyed at this level of communication or I should say ‘lack of’ that I’m still dealing with.

It’s nice that pimax are gleeful to announce their new and improved system, but when in reality they are not backing up their statements on responses it means absolutely nothing!

EDIT: For context the response took 7 days and was no doubt prompted by the previous forum comment.


To me that means we cannot consider the housing issue has been resolved yet.

It seems we are at the point Pimax is (finally) starting to take measures to try to improve on this issue (housing supplier, HMD manufacturing process, shipping box) but now we still need to wait to see the result of this.