New expected production: 20 /day now. Target this month 80/day

From the production plan at
Production is 50/50 split between 5k+ and 8k
Stopped every sunday, so yes runs monday-saturday.

20 /day now.
50 /day 12th →
60 /day 19th →
80 /day 26th →
Final production on 28th.
Anything beyond the 28th november is unknown.


The whole report does not say much because we do not know how many housings they get. They can have the componets for 10000 headsets and still deliver nothing if they miss the housings.
That being said I think the housing problem is easier solved than a problem with a shortage of displays or chips.


With 200 housings they got ~7 production days to get new housings in. lets just hope those are fine.

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I’m surprised by the 50/50 splitting for 5K+ and 8K… I know, that the Google sheed just shows a small amount of backers (and is not an official document), but the tendencies here look like more than at least 80% are going the 5K+ route…?!.


Yes most here might have changed. But remember the sheet only shows for those following in on both reddit or the forums. Although they might just be doing 50/50 for simplicity. Then change in december.

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Hmm but Matthew’s update said they were aiming for 100/day by the end of this month, per line. There should be three lines as well, so, should be better? (I mean yeah it’s all Pimax optimistic estimates, but still, it’s the latest info)

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At this point, it looks like the production rate is 100% up to the suppliers. Let’s hope the housing (and other suppliers) can ramp up quickly.

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You’re right and I’m aware of it (as I wrote ‚Google sheed just shows a small amount of backers (and is not an official document)‘)… but I think there are at least enough entries to show a clear tendency towards the 5K+. That’s why I write, that it doesn’t make sense to me to split up production to 50/50. Perhaps I don’t see the whole thing or I’ve missed something, so please tell me.

@Matthew.Xu can you tell us why there is a 50/50 split in production regarding 5K+ and 8K?

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Indeed, it sucks to be limited by the external supplier. We should know more next week when the next batch of housing gets delivered.

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I have updated this schedule on Google drive.
This is the production schedule for the next three months, which will last until January.
For the time being, we will produce according to this schedule to ensure that the material can be delivered on time. When the material can meet the delivery date, we will increase the production line. We will update the production capacity at any time according to the actual situation. Thank you


Mainly because of the housing issue, so we added hosing suppliers to ensure production. I will continue to confirm the materials with my purchasing colleagues. Please rest assured.


Thank you, for listening to us and sharing production details. I hope people will gain some confidence that Pimax is working hard to deliver our headsets. It’s unfortunate that supplier issues have lead to delays, but that’s to be expected when building a new ground-breaking product.

It’s sometimes hard to be patient, but I’m glad Pimax is making progress.


Now we have 200 sets of hosing in factory. Materials will arrive at the factory next week.


As long as we have enough hoses we’ll be fine.


don’t be such a hoser /s


Hose calling who a hoser?


Jose DaHose (20 hosinhos)

Edit. This went in to wrong direction (politics)

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I asked at the LA meetup and it was said that the split has been close to 50/50. So my guess is that many of those who dont come here are not changing. I am also one of the holdouts who is still getting a 8k.


…only the hoes knows.

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