New CPU, motherboard, and RAM

I’m sure a few of you have noticed my absence. I’ve had the flu and my computer has been dead for a week. I upgraded my wife’s dead computer with my old components and upgraded my computer, but the new motherboard (an ASRock) had some bent pins in the CPU socket and would not boot. The replacement mb (same model) had some sort of problem with SATA.

The THIRD mb (by ASUS) is working great! According to , my system rates: Gaming 139%, Desktop 146%, and Workstation 135%. I haven’t even done any tweaking yet and I know that the RAM settings are sub-optimal.

This was an upgrade to get me ready for my new Pimax headset. Have any of you upgraded just for your new headset?

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Upgraded Mobo to ASUS TUF Z390M-Gaming Pro Wi-Fi. Upgraded processor to 8086k (De-lidded with Copper IHS and Liquid Metal). Cooling upgraded to custom water loop (CPU, Vega 64, 2x240 Rads etc…).

Now I just have to get the overclocking settings dialed in for both the CPU and the Vega.

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Sorry to hear but you know of my Ryzen build.

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Hey my buddy is away in Europe til the 20th. The 8086k is an i7 i presume?

i7-8086K is a binned i7-8700K.


That is EXACTLY the model motherboard I’ve now got installed. :slight_smile:

I’ve got an nVidia 2080 installed, so I can’t help with the Vega. As to overclocking the CPU, I just selected the defaults. Once I’m sure that I’m stable and running, I’ll start the tweaking. My first priority is the RAM. I have DDR4 3600 installed and it’s currently running at default speed (3200 MHz ?).

And that’s EXACTLY my CPU. Looks like I made some common choices. That’s reassuring. :slight_smile:

I’m not trying for an excessive overclock, so no de-lidding and (only) air cooling, although I have a massive (and quiet) Zalman CPU cooler. It’s 100% copper and weighs over half a Kg.


I7 8700k is known to run on the warm side.

As for your ram make sure you have the latest bios.

My board they had to use a spare 2400 ddr4? To update the bios before the 3600mhz ram recognized properly. (Might not have ran before the updated bios)


My current rig is an old Xeon X5680 (6 core/12 threads) OC’ed to 4.3GHz, with 24GB DDR3-1333MHz (6x4GB - in triple channel) and a 1080ti (ROG Strix).

As it’s an old board I’m using a RocketRaid 2720SGL raid adapter with 4x250 GB Evo 850 disks in raid-0… :upside_down_face:

It’s holding up pretty well but I’m regularly checking prices on a 9900K, Z390 mb (probably Gigabyte Aorus Master) and some DDR4-3200MHz cl14 RAM…

Guess I’ll hit the button soon after getting the 5k+ (pre-ordered)… :rofl:


You should probably be able to hit 5GHz on all cores with that… :+1:


With a proper delid and LM application you should get 4.9-5 even on air cooling.

And delidding that processor is not that hard as long as you take your time with it - full kit with the tool, LM, and gasket compound to reseat the IHS was about $30 on Amazon - goes up to about $50 if you also get the custom all-copper IHS to go along with it (mine will be arriving this week).

Without it you may not have the thermal headroom (on air) to get much beyond 4.7 from what I have heard.

The main difference between the 8086k and the 8700 is that the former will overclock higher at lower voltages.

My next big expense is going to be replacing the 64Gb of RAM with something faster and flashier. THAT’S going to be a fight with the budget committee…

Anything I can do to assist, just let me know…


Thanks, Hessfire, for the offer. I’m not going to try for an extreme overclock. System stability is more important to me.


No problem, but do yourself a favor and keep a careful eye on the thermals for the CPU as Helio is right - these beasties like to get a bit toasty - even at stock settings - and will therefore thermal throttle quicker than most are happy with.

In any event, good luck on your tuning and just let me know if I can be of assist.


Indeed a delid maybe a good upgrade after hardware warrenty period even as an upgrade.

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I’ll do that. I have a full-sized tower case, with good ventilation, lots of fans, and careful wire routing, so the airflow is good. All the fans have thermal control, so it’s very quiet under normal use. It’s fairly quiet even under load.


@Heliosurge, would you recommend the Ryzen 2700X with a 2080TI? i’m seriously considering the Ryzen instead of Intel but I haven’t seen any VR benchmarks so far

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Using the Bottleneck calculator & other benchmarks look good.

My buddy pc builder at built a test rig I believe trying out the 5k+ with a 2700x.

There is a thread around here where some bemchmarks were posted by myself using unigene & some others as suggested.

I was considering a similar upgrade but have decided to wait for the new amd ryzen chips to release (3000 series). They have some crazy clock speeds!


Just seen these supposed 3000 series leaks on a Youtube channel the supposed specs and pricing will blow Intel out of the water if it pans out.

The R7 3700X if true and staggering for the price point alone if this is fact.

4.2 base 5.0 boost,holy crap :open_mouth:


Afaik ram speed tweaking can make a huge difference on AMD systems, but doesn’t help much on intel cpus.

I also wait and see what AMD comes up with at CES. I hope the Ryzen 3xxx series lives up to the hype. So far I am happy with the performance of my main system with 7700k/1080ti. Maybe I upgrade/swap it for my simrig system (3770k@4.6GHz/1080ti) later on.

I am really tempted to go for a 2080ti but the price NVIDIA asks for it is ridiculous…


Bumping the RAM speed did help, but you’re right, there wasn’t a huge increase in system speed. I really wanted to get a 2080 Ti, but I had to settle for a 2080, not because of price, but because of availability. I needed a new GPU asap, because my wife’s computer wasn’t usable and I gave her my old video card.

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