New Controller for Pimax 4K. Anyone knows more?

Hi All
Any one knows about new controllers pimax is bringing…
You tube link - YouTube

If any one have some idea like when they will be for sale? What price? Please share…


Looks promising. Will need to see more room scale type stuff first though, Beat Sabre is just a standing 180 degree game.

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I hope they go for a reasonable price, not 200 usd or something like Nolo. If the price is high, better to just go for a WMR headset. But if the price is low enough I can this being a popular option for many.

Any info available @deletedpimaxrep1?

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Having 2 lights bulb on Pimax headset it looks new VR Controllers support positional tracking. Please provide sample video with a game which support 360 degree motion tracking…I am Very excited…

If it’s only one camera I guess it can’t be 360. But if there is a snap 180 button, it will work well enough. Hope they offer a second tracker too though for full 360 positional/room scale.

Hi Jonny

You are absolutely right. They need to provide 2nd tracker for 360. Or I think if you install the tracker above the head 360 is possible if they design that way…

Let us wait for their reply…ASAP

Hi Jonny

I have found about the new controllers. They are from china’s company Ximmerse. The brand name is Neon-1. They come with 1 Stereo camera, Head Mount and 2 controllers which operate using 2.4 Ghz signals. In CES 2017 Ximmerse company was saleing for US $ 99

Pimax, Please bring this controllers bundle with Pimax 4k Or Pimax 2.5K. HTC Vive is saleing this controllers with HTC LINK VR box and Steam is Supporting this controllers.

They must be good quality as HTC VIVE is using for their HTC LINK Product which is only for sale in JAPAN.

Pimax Please bundle it with PImax-4k or Pimax 2.5K and I will Order staitway…

They support 6 DoF details…>



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It’s more geared towards front facing content & when turning away from camera, those controllers might experience blind spots.

Maybe acceptable for PC if you know it’s limits.