New AMD RX 5700 XT , Navi series, how's it performing in VR?

Anyone had the chance to test how the new AMD’s Navi are performing in a VR ecosystem ? Benchmarks are largely positive about the new cards, especially about the Radeon Anti-Lag and Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) features, that should be pretty useful if used in VR, especially for simracing titles.

The main question is…how well is it going to behave in a VR environment using PiTool and Pimax headsets ? Does Pimax support it or plan to support it soon enough ? @PimaxUSA @SweViver

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About the RX 5700 XT, based on articles I read online, I reckon it’ll perform just as well as an RTX 2060 but without the FFR feature.

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Some well known hw sites are rating it way better than that ! About as good as the 2070 Super , even better in some titles, and very close to a Radeon VII , this is the reason AMD has halted the production of this card very recently :slight_smile:

And better of all…it’s cheaper than comparable Nvidia offerings.


The issue with this new card is that the driver is not stable yet. It explains why the benchmark results are all over the place. It’s very good at computational tasks, but when it comes to vectors and 3D renderings, it’s still on par with RTX 2060. The latter is what matters as far as VR is concerned.

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It actually between at 2070 and 2080.


Ok guys, but please remain on topic…the thread was primarily for asking if anyone had succesfully tested it on a PiTool/SteamVR ecosystem, and for asking Pimax software team if they are planning to support it in a decent way anytime soon.

Since AMD is now coming back in the game quickly, and they are currently selling the newer Ryzens in Asian markets like crazy recently, surpassing Intel sales for the first time, we can expect with a good chance that AMD graphic cards will soon gain close enough numbers vs Nvidia , considering the lower prices, and supporting these cards will become an unavoidable necessity even in VR.

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I think you have to be mad to buy an AMD GPU for VR - Nvidia is going to be the first to support true foveated rendering.

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Not so. All GPUs since FoveVR support “True Foveate Rendering”. Nvidia has support for FFR.

But as @Lillo said let’s keep this thread on topic.

I have a Ryzen 5 2400G, pimax 5k plus, radeon 5700xt with 19.7.2, Pitool V.
Could not get past the 10935 error, it works with a nvidia 1060…anyone??


Have you disabled the Ryzen Integrated graphics?

Have you also tried using PiTool .144 ?

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Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately both disabling the integrated graphics nor upgrading to Pitool.144 helped. Still getting red light, disconnected error… Was anyone ever able to make it work with a similar set up? is the 5700xt capable of working with Pimax?

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This doesn’t sounds good at all… @PimaxUSA software team should investigate the problem and make plans to fully support AMD newer cards soon.

It would be a really bad marketing move to exclude a portion of new Pimax users or soon potential buyers that are using AMD graphic cards.


Not good. Have heard of Vega 56 & 64 running pimax. The 5700 it might depend on how much was changed in Navi? The Vegas had an issue vs my old r9 390 8g works quite well.

With having your igpu disabled in bios have you checked with Windows Device manager for it’s drivers?

You might need to do a clean driver uninstall of Radeon driver to fully remove the igpu reference.

Dobyou by chance have another computer you could test the 5700 gpu in?

@SweViver can likely also check to see if the team has one for testing.

Alternatively also try contacting Amd support detailing this ussue with pimax & your setup as they might be able to help as they also have pimax hmd for testing.

The drivers on the 5700 are very alpha’ish and need a ton of optimization. It’s performance is all over the place and in VR is currently slower than the Radeon VII. Anand did some extensive tests last week and some capabilities are currently performing very poorly.

IMHO I wouldn’t buy this card until 3rd party versions come out that replace the cooling system and AMD has performed more optimization on the new NAVI architecture drivers.


Thanks for letting us know, hope you’re notifying AMD of such problems in some way.


Dam such a good price for the card as well. Guess ill get a 2080

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Also very interested if there any chance of pimax 5k working with 5700xt any time soon

From what he said it’s best to wait for 3rdparty 5700 released as Amd is still working on the new architecture drivers.

Plus if you recall early days of Vega. The early ones if mem recalls had an issue with power on pci xpress?

And it’s a good rec on new vid cards. Look at the launch issues of rtx.

Did you get anywhere with your 5700xt protoa. Has anyone else been able to test one?

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