New advertising shows Artisan owners get ruggedized housing, comfort kit, p4k headphones and MAS

New advertising shows that audio earphones, rigid modular audio headstrap,comfort kit, the ruggedised/rubberised housing and coatings are all included on Vision Artisans for $449.

This is arguably better than index at the momemt, for $579 extra for index controllers and base stations, which is $1020 not including shipping its the same price or $50 more than Index including shipping, with all the same features minus the passthrough camera, similar or better comfort and comparable audio. (Maybe it will be even cheaper than $999 for the full lighthouse bundle when Pimax controllers release) Good to hear that it’s all coming together.

Here’s a picture of the detatchable earphones which come with the free modular audio headstrap on the Artisan and which backers will also get (p4k styled), though supposesly the rigid headstrap wasnt ready to be shown at the time this screenshot of the prototype Artisan was taken -

The kickstarter stated that a rigid headstrap with detatchable earphones would be free for backers and its been statedit will also be included in all vision headsets, probably the rigid modular headstrap featured at CES and detatchable earphones

In this advertisement between 5:30 to 6:30 Pimax stated that all vision series headsets come with a free comfort kit, modular audio strap and ruggedized housing. Official Pimax Day 2 Announcements - YouTube

Also stated in the January 2020 that all vision series headsets will have ruggedized housing and all new headsets will now have the same coating processes and materials said in the Artisan housing update last week:

Modular audio headstrap and comfort kit come with all vision models (Pimax day 2) info:

Here’s the listing for the Vision Artisan on aliexpress if anyones interested and some pictures.

Note: Keep in mind that if you order now, it’s been listed for the last month now but the headstrap with audio isn’t ready for shipping yet and they’ve been shipping it without the audio or headstrap It used to be on Pimax’s website but it was taken down until they get more stock so it isn’t too heavily backordered. I think that’s a good move instead of listing an item they don’t have in stock yet, it shows that they’re becoming more responsible.

Vision Artisan on the Pimax stores

Vision Artisan in Pitool screenshot


Your posting old screenshots that were corrected long ago.

The Artisan is not part of the Vision series and thus does not have the ruggedized Housing.

The p4k headphones attach via cloth strap not Modular AudiobStrap. MAS is a seperate product that is compatible with all p2 series pimax headsets.

AliExpress hasn’t corrected the add it seems. However you can see the headset is black and not Blue in color