New 5k plus owner

So reluctantly I’ve finally upgraded from a 4k to a 5k plus, and it seems I’ve done this at a bad time as the improved 8k plus is being released… I see there’s an upgrade program but there’s one detail thats unclear about it. Would pimax really want me to trade in my new headset for a measly 150 towards the new one?
Or do they simply verify me as an owner for the voucher?

From my understanding if you bought from either the pimax site or authorized Amazon channel. You should qualify for Current owner. By inputting your order number.

If you bought off Ebay 2nd hand or reseller. Then will not qualify for discount.

This program you keep your headset.

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Awesome. Bought mine from amazon this last Sunday. Pimax team just sold me 1500 worth hardware. Good work XD.


Congrats on your pimax headsets. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yeah that’s a bummer but either way it’s an excellent headset and TBH my 5K+ is currently the best VR headset I have ever owned… In over 20 years of testing different headsets nothing else has even come anywhere close to the experience you will get with any of the modern Pimax headsets… The FOV and resolution of even the 5K models is simply amazing! As for your issue, I guess If you purchased it from Amazon you could always just return it and then put in a pre-order for the 8K Plus?


Thought about doing that but since I get to keep my 5k plus that I actually do enjoy. I’ll just keep it at as a spare after my 8k plus arrives. xD


Oh yeah… Forgot you get to keep the 5K plus so absolutely that is an amazing deal! []-)


Welcome to the madhouse.


Was a great headset, recently tried to exchange it due to the cracks forming in my casing after a few days… seller ran out of headsets though so he refunded me. This is a real shame because I really did enjoy my headset. Pimax finally hit their mark on a plug and play device. Distortions were minimal too… I feel cheated. I simply couldnt hold on to something that was literally crumbling in my hands… I’ll likely end up being one of the first 8k plus owners. If they haven’t fixed this on a device worth 1k usd though… I’ll have to go index I guess or start weight training my neck for xtal.