Need USB 3 extension cable recommendations

I need USB 3 extension cable recommendations. preferable around 5 to 6 feet


Personally I don’t think you will have an issue with any USB3 extension, I bought a 3m one from ebay for 6 pounds.
your HDMI extension is where you want to spend the money, running high resolutions is where you need low noise and good consistency. (but not too much money, some are just a rip-off).

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If it’s for the 8K/5K+ pretty much any extension cable should work at that length (they don’t need to be USB3 though).

If it’s for a “Pimax 8K series” product, I think DisplayPort would work better… :upside_down_face:

If You do indeed need a USB3 extension for something else, I’ll be receiving this one (10m) soon for use with my Quest (as “Link cable”) and I’ll let You know how it goes (should work fine as they’re active and there’s more than one amplifier on the longer ones):

Here’s an EU link if others are interested:

Be sure to check version and length if ordering! :upside_down_face:

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Haha yeah it’s DP. Just picked up a 4k projector and had some fun with how much cable quality does actually matter when the lengths go up, so I have HDMI on the brain.

My Pimax 3m DP is only a cheap one again, had no issues. Anything up to 5m doesn’t seem to matter.

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