Need some help to get an exact measurement of the right knuckle controller's cylindrical shape

Hello friends, I am creating some 3D models with the help of some professional but he required the exact measurement of that cylindrical shape of the knuckle controller, I made a simple sketch below so you could get an idea of what measurements I am looking for exactly so my right controller will get exact fit in those circular clip’s

Currently, I am using the velcro straps to fit my right knuckle controller on cricket Bat to play in VR but it’s a real pain to get that controller free from that Bat and then align it again in the same way as before so that is the reason I am printing something like this below so I can easily get OUT and IN the controller whenever required

This is the current solution below which I am using with the help of Velcro straps but I don’t like it much.

This is the cylindrical shape I am talking about have no idea how to measure it with accuracy so please if anyone already knows it then please do share and will be really appreciated. Thanks

The 3D model will be something like this which I would like to print once the developer is ready .stl

Please help someone I don’t have anything to measure it accurately and even though If I got one then I don’t think will be confident about its accuracy so if someone who has knowledge in these things could provide this measurement and dimension I am looking for then that could be a big help.

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3D models of Index hardware (HMD, base stations, controllers) are published by Valve on GitHub:

GitHub - ValveSoftware/IndexHardware

(EDIT: This includes the argueably “essential” sleeves that bulk up the body of the controller to fit adult hands, and models of the tracking sensor sightline exclusion zones.)


What does this mean? The dimension in it is not the same as the original controller we have?

Please just tell me can I use the dimension provided in this stp file below from this Github link or it will not work?

Dimensions should be 1:1.

My added comment was just my saying I find some of the downloadable models very useful.


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