Need Pitool and PE download links

Hello. I need help.
I reinstalled my windows 10 and now have problems downloading Pitool and PE.

Well… The first problem(can say solved) is… Site totally doesn’t work in Russia anymore!
(hello ticket #20810 Site issue in Russia)

At forum i found only Pitool 271. . .
Through proxy i managed open and found link to Pitool 273 . Still can’t say it’s novice friendly solution…

Second problem:
Where can i get latest Pimax Experience (PE as i understand)?
Latest link does not work anymore

On (had to enter through proxy) there no any links to PE. Site search found nothing.


If you have installed the Pitool, it shall allows you to download the PE via the software. There’s a download portal.
After you downloaded the PE, it will prompt an update to 0.86V.

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Stick with pitool 271. 273 has issues. They should have fixed snd released a new pitool long ago.


Any thoughts on 272? Been using that for a while now.

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Try this link

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Successfully installed Pimax Experience via Pitool. Thanks. (Could not do this until turned HMD on).
But still need solve the problem that site doesn’t work in Russia. It resolve with wrong IP.

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