Need help refunding my pledge (lost interest in VR)

Title states it all. My recent desire for VR has gone to nothing, mainly accustomed to how busy I’ve become. I really honestly just want my money back from this project (pimax 8k) and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do so. If anyone could guide me on how to do so it would be greatly appreciated please and thank you!

There are a few threads on selling your pledge. Any number of folks like

@Scy0846 @Davobkk @Sjef & @Hellkath can advise on there methodes.

Selling it is the only option? Seems pretty sketchy and a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest.

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You can’t get refunds from kickstarters. Selling is risky to both parties involved. So takes a bit if trust in both sides

Another option wait til you have it & sell. I can’t see you having any problems selling it once you have it in hand & provides least amount if risk.

I sent pimax a kindly worded email, my best assumption is that will do no good either?

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you wont get a refund, you would just sell it, is it the headset only.

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As I said Kickstarters are not refundable. Easiest safe sale would be to find someone local 2 you for best peace of mind.

Yes it is. 500 US i believe I paid for it. Would it be appropriate to ask the amount I paid or less?

everyone seems to sell it for the same price as they bought it for, selling for less will give more incentive I suppose.

what backer number as you, as that’s a factor, can I also confirm it is the 8K and not 5K headset.

Yes it is the 8k, and I am backer #3,367