Need advice for buying Pimax accesories from owner (backer?)

Hi, I have an opportunity to buy this from another Pimax owner:

  • 2 Controller (Delivery date unknown)
  • 2 Base Stations (Delivery date unknown)
  • Stretch Goals (Delivery date unknown): Face Cushion, Earphones Headstrap, Customized prescription VR frame, Eye tracking

As I can not get fast answer from support, may somebody tell me what can I expect, any additional fees, and additional paying for something, maybe for delivery? I understand that I can forget about strech goals, but what about controllers and base stations?

(PS: I already have second-hand Pimax 5k+, and it works great!)

you are just purchasing … nothing.
almost none of this is available, and if available, probably linked to another unavailable item.
you better spend your money by going directly to purchase base station, controller, face cushion, headstrap, earphone from companies who can actually deliver (all of this is available from Vive)

for custom glass frames , i think you can 3D print them and for eye tracking, what the hell you want to do with that ? there is actually not a single piece of software that is compatible with eye tracking.
Better to look for addiitional vive trackers, or the hand tracker for pimax

Thank you nosys70 for strait answer, I forgot to tell that I have 1 base station 1.0 and 2 sh*tty vive wands. That means I can wait a few months.
I would like to have pimax controllers when ready, and base stations 2.0. This way it would be pretty cheap, If Pimax deliver that. But if that become some excuse, like "sorry, you have to pay 300 more+ 60 delivery +… ", that is another story.
Does anybody know if already bought controllers and base stations (in package together with 5k+) are final price, or that was something like “deposit” (partialy paid)?

i am still scratching my head about the differents plans proposed.
i backed a 8k, switched to 5K+ to get it sooner. I backed also the base station and controllers.

since , i purchased the vive 1.0 base+controller, the deluxe strap from Vive and some face cushion.
I am very happy with this, and the next step would be to go on the 8KX.
I am not very confident that the pimax controller will be a success , so the index controller is the best guess if you do not want wait forever.
Especially that pimax , with the different plans are clearly pushing for everybody giving up on stretch goals and bundle.
this clearly means they do not plan to deliver their own base and controller at the price paid in the kickstarter. They prefer you to trade all this against a price on the helmet or pay additional fee to get third party products.
Since i paid already 300$ to get the 1.0 vive base and controller + 100$ for the deluxe strap, i am not ready to pay more for this. I would be happy to pay again the full price to get a 8kX , but receiving the base and controller i already paid for seems logical for me.

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