Need 2076 revision firmware

Need 2076 revision firmware as Pimax Support bricked my HMD by sending me the previous revision firmware. I now have to put it into DFU mode to flash and don’t have the 22021/20022 versioned firmware to flash it back to life. This firmware is nowhere to be found and support has gone non-responsive.

I’ve also asked them for an RMA as this DMAS version was an RMA replacement for the 90hz issue. The display has now begun to flicker and showed lightened pixel spots throughout both displays about a month after receiving it.

I was able to find one on a Reddit post. Located here in case anyone else needs it since Pimax Support seems to not be trained to ask for the serial number before they send out a firmware (be sure to check if the firmware they send has the “90only” suffix.

I loaded that firmware in DFU recovery mode and my HMD came back to life. Now I just need them to RMA the panels for the flickering issues at the bottom of the display.

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