Nathie at Pimax HQ

Hopefully we get a video tour of the plant


It really feels like Pimax wrote that for him. I feel it’s horribly worded… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Theres nothing more persuasive than a good yum char :wink:

Why is the guy on Nathies right sticking his 2 fingers up lol

it’s so sad that there are many quality problems with the headsets

…and with the PSU… and with the cables…!

Biggest question is why is Nathie’s protective gear so much cooler than theirs? I swear, if I get a Nathie hair in my 8K, I will sell it on eBay. :star_struck:


Probably a gang sign and a warning to backer’s not to complain about QA :wink:


Maybe he wants to adjust his stance on fov? I like him, but totally unequivocally disagree. Field of view is huge for vr no pun intended :smirk:


Still not good but as Kevin said to date under 3%

is he holding up the QA for us?

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