Nasal FoV of Pimax and Quest

Hi, I barely saw discussion about nasal fov but it has bothered me for a long time.
On the nasal side, I can feel back blurry edges in my FoV. I did a comparison between my pimax 8k and quest pro, and found it is severer in pimax (might due to canted design).

Also, when I press the headset harder on my face (smaller eye relief) or my vergence distance is larger, those black edeges are less obvious. I suppose this is caused by insufficient nasal side of fov?

Although it is not 100% unaccpetable, it is bit of annoying. Anyone has the same experience? And any thoughts about what will be a good nasal side fov?


Have the comfort kit installed on the headset?
This will improve your wearing experience and make those edges less visible / completely erased.


Thanks for the advice. The comfort kit did provide better wearing experience.
But I feel it also increases your eye relief distance and lead to even smaller FoV. So the ‘edges’ are more clear.



You may try to adjust the strap till a crisp image is shown on the headset.

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