My Wish for my 8KX would be

Here’s my wish list for the Pimax 8KX I’ll be getting sometime which only Pimax knows.

I would want the index head strap and sound the best( Just outstanding).
I would want the HP Reverb Pro for how clear it is( hands down best)
I would want the Pimax FOV very best when it works.

Yep that’s what I hope for in my 8KX.
I do almost nothing but fly fight sims with my VR. Also the Index and Reverb both just work, no need to play around all the time, just take some time out of the box and your done playing around.

  1. I’ve heard the new comfort kit for the 8K X is actually better than the Index one. Sound will probably improve with the Deluxe Audio strap but won’t match the quality of Index speakers. The headset does have seperate headphone jacks so you can plug in high quality headphones into it.

  2. Sebastian said both the 8K X and HP Reverb have fantastic resolution but that he prefers the 8K X.

  3. That’s why Pimax is the only affordable headset maker on the market with such a wide FOV.

I heard Pimax’s Pitool has improved a long way since the earlier days. It’s now pretty much plug and play like the Index.

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theres no reason that the deluxe audio cant be better than the index. Its being made by a big name company that specializes in audio.

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Pitool is still a bag of crap though. basic ui design would go a long way.


Ahhh nope

I hope this is true

yes Pitool is a tool, no not a good tool at all.

TBH, the only thing I’d want is 90hz refresh rate even if it was just for normal FOV.


Half the FoV would mean half the pixels have to be transferred and rendered. (As long as the cut off pixels are outside the binocular overlap area)
Assuming 75 Hz@2x4k@170° is already using the full capacity of DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC, then when multiplying resolution and FoV with 75/90 one gets 90 Hz@2x3200@142° - which should be almost exactly normal FoV.
So - fingers crossed!


Honestly, the Oculus Quest is playable at 72Hz and if the Pimax 8K X is a stable 75Hz then it should be fine for most games. I do notice a little bit difference at 90Hz. And I notice a bigger difference at 120 or 144Hz on my Index in games like Pavlov. But that difference is subtle and something that mainly makes a difference when I’m playing competitively.


Agreed. The games where I mainly want high FPS counts are Eleven Table Tennis, Holoball and perhaps occasionally BeatSaber. These games won’t suffer from upscaling mode much, so 120 Hz should be in the cards.
For people who play shooters (that have to look nicely detailed and fluent at the same time) 90 Hz native-cropped might be a welcome compromise though.

Think/hope that the 8kX will be one of the first headsets where watching movies as a cinema replacement could be really fun and worthwhile. And for that 75 Hz is more than enough. (When running 24 fps movies minimally faster, multiple-of-25 frequencies could be even better than multiple-of-30 ones from a smoothness perspective. Hope there will also be a 60 Hz mode, which could be good for 30 fps content)

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