My vive loss tracking after overheat

When I use vive for a long time and I found that it always loss tracking when I stand at the corner and turn left (loss tracking from the right base station).

I understand that I set base station in wrong angle.

Yesterday, I found problem again although I stay at the center of the room, but the side of headset face to each base station.

I assume that it is about heat and when stop using until the headset is cooled, not found the issue.

I am still not sure that headset has problem of side sensor when overheat or some reflection when the room is so hot.

I see that has other people found the same problem.

@PimaxVR Please test headset in the room without air conditioner for be sure that headset will not have this problem.

p.s. when the haedset loss tracking, image will follow the headset until it can be tracked again.

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This video show about overheat problem, I think it is not about reflection problem because no problem of controller.

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