My very first HOTAS and Steering wheel turning up today!

Going to be playing with these within the HTC Vive. Goodbye life! :laughing:

Thrustmaster T.1600M Flight Pack joystick, throttle & pedals
Logitech G920 Steering wheel, pedals & shifter


If there are any people willing to teach me the ways of DCS and recommend a driving simulator, I will be eternally grateful. This is going to be a whole new world for me, but very eager to learn. I’m not massively competitive, but going in for the feeling of flying and driving within VR.


Seems lack of controls for VR-playing Elite: Dangerous.
Try this one: Logitech X56 :slight_smile:

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Both myself and my son play E: Dangerous with T.1600M with no problems at all.

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Anyone have this setup and got the Rudder pedals working in DCS?

They aren’t detected as they’re plugged in via the throttle. They daisy chain off that,