My suggestion: Scrap Pimax Day 3 and just make a PINNED Thread updating us. Keep the Updates as Frequent and up to date as you can. We'll all be much happier

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @SweViver

At this point we know half of the information on Pimax Day 2 is completely outdated or not confirmed to be up to date.

The backer plan discount. The shipping date of the 8K+ and 8KX. Whether or not those are in final revision. The new 120hz firmware update and whether it actually works on older 5K+ panels.

Just make a thread and keep us up to date.

It’ll also solve the problem of people asking the same questions not knowing if anything is actually answered.

Thank you!


Yes that did work well before. Mot sure why it was discontinued. :beers::thinking::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


Well, we now have two dedicated community managers…

Who’s that? Matthew, who’s actually support, or Kevin, who’s the COO?


Sweviver is one of the community managers. The others are technically not, I guess he means Kevin as the second one


If I’m not wrong Sweviver described his job as Community Relationship Manager for Pimax.


Our aim for PD3 is to make some announcements related to open platforms and other items that revolve around that (subject to change).

Of course we’ll update progress on various upcoming items and try to improve the process. The engagement level for upgrades and questions tell us PD2 did indeed reach a high percentage of backers. We didn’t want to get too far outside that audience because we must ramp production to higher levels prior to efforts to break into large media.

We did try thread and website announcements before and they didn’t work well because such a very small percentage of Pimax owners and interested parties actually visit this forum (less than ~2% or so).


PD3 should answer the question about a 2m extension cable and/or wireless for the X in upscaled mode or many of us will not purchase!

How many users are able to receive the evolving information that happens after each PiDay? If the videos reach a lot of people, but the information in them becomes quickly outdated, where should they go for accurate, up-to-date info if not the forums?


Matthew.xu is the Community manager. SweViver is a community promoter & helper when he was assisting with Tickets. Kevin is COO.


That 2% of Forum users actually do the work informing everyone else on reddit and other interested parties on other platforms.

The reason why people were so engaged with Pimax Day 2 is because after Pimax Day 2 everyone still didn’t know what was going on. And most likely they still don’t unless they follow the forum closely.

That and people are likely just waiting and hoping that their base stations and controllers would finally get an announcement date.


Agreed these video presentations not that great. When a simple readable version can be made.


You mean. generic? :beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


This has happened twice without fail.

@PimaxUSA generating traffic to the Pimax Site and forums for the WRONG Reasons is NOT a good thing. When your customers are only active because they are there to complain about errors, write tickets and have no idea what the latest update is going to be or where to find the information they need to make informed decisions. You have failed at communication.



If you guys really want to engage your audience. Make everything that people are interested in condensed into a 5 minute short video. Then link it to a longer text version with details.

Trust me you’ll save a lot more time and more importantly your audience a lot more time.


Ah sorry my mistake. Thanks for the correction :+1:

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Are You just making things up? :wink:

Martin Lammi (SweViver), the Community Relationship Manager of Pimax EU.


Ah see! Helio made me doubt myself. Bad Helio :grinning:


Matthew is the User experience manager. Effectively the community manager


Not really he’s been absent from the description mostly. But he is a great fellow. Prior to Matthew taking on his original role we could have used a community relations manager in the forum to have avoided mishaps. That’s why community promoter is what he has been doing more so.

Yes when he was assisting backers with tickets was assisting with community relations. Many positions are titled and sometimes not given the clout it needs.