My setup - Presell questions. New graphic card and PIMAX 4K X

Hi, 3 years ago i have built my PC for VR, this is the current setup:

MSI X99A GodLike Gaming
Intel i7-6900K 3.2Ghz Box
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8GB GDDR5X SLI
Enermax Revolution 87 1000W 80 Plus Gold Modular
G.Skill Ripjaws V Black DDR4 3200 PC4-25600 32GB 4x8GB CL16
Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H115i
Samsung 950 PRO M.2 SSD 256GB

1. I was hoping the VR games will support SLI, but it looks like it won’t be the case, its a good idea to sale 2 GTX 1080 and get 1 GTX 2080 or maybe some other one? What’s the best GP now for VR?

2. My current setup will support 2080?

3. I have the first version of HTC Vive, yes, its time to upgrade, should I wait for the Pimax 4K X?

4. My games are very slow at loading, what the best HDD for games/VR and fast loading?

Thank you!

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this is an above average machine so you should get not problem.
currentlty if you go with the 5K+ it is enough (at least for gaming where you do not have the time for pixel counting at 90 fps) , but if you really want to go 8KX, yes the upgrade of the GPU is almost mandatory.
since the 1080 still has a high resale value, by selling both you should be able to get the 2080ti for almost nothing.
since you mentionned you already have a have a SSD, the only way to improve would be either to split OS and DATA/Games to another SSD (at least 1Tera). If you can add a M.2 PCIe SSD running at 3 or 4x the speed of a regular SATA SSD, you would see in good decrease of loading time. If you remove the 2nd GPU, you will get a PCIe x4 free to add a 15$ card supporting 1 or 2 M.2 SSD. Just make sure you do not get a M.2 SATA, but a Nvme (or PCIe) M.2 SSD.
I would be you , I would just go with the 5K+ (that is available) run it on one 1080.
You will be able to switch to 8KX later and better GPU if you still feel the need, and why not a new pc.

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Thank you for your answer.

I forgot i also have the WD Black HDD 1TB, this is where my games are, the SSD is for Windows, so i guess i will have to get another SSD for games, could you recommend any specific product?

I want the best of the best, if the 8KX will be coming this year i will wait, maybe i will wait also for GPU until then If anything new comes out, whats the current best GPU for VR?

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You have an impressive setup already. A 2080 should run fine. I put your setup into the Bottleneck calculator with a 2080ti

Depending on your preferences would reccommend getting a headset 8k or 5k+ & testing what you have before upgrading. But on the otherhand might be better to wait to see when 8kX is released.

Atm best GPU is atm 2080ti. But cross check your psu. There is a thread on Reddit regarding psu. While you have a 1000w psu you need yo check if mem serves amps on a single 12v rail.

To load games faster best to have an SSD for those games that need it. Those that don’t install on hd. There are some decent priced 1tb ssd drives out there.

2080 gives similar perf to 1080ti but of course has new Turing features. Nvidia is rumored or said to be releasing a 16g card in near(?) Future.

For NVme ssd best to read reviews. Myself Adata is decently priced & has good price to performance ratio. I currently have games on a sata ssdd. But nvme will give better performance.

Thanks, there is also HP reverb and Valve Index, maybe also thats an option.

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Your welcome. If going with HP or Valve would test what you have for a setup to see if you feel the need to upgrade gpu or not. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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And if i could exchange, my 2 1080 for 1 2080 would be that a good move for VR? Because it looks like SLI its useless.

If the rig is ONLY going to be used for games, then you don’t really want a 2080 but a 2080ti if you are looking for a solid upgrade. The performance increase from a 1080 to a 2080 is not really significant. But jumping from a 1080 to a 2080ti will give you at least a 20-30% increase. And as games generally don’t utilize dual GPU cards at this stage so SLI is redundant. Sell the 2 1080s and get a 2080ti. Will be a good performance upgrade and single GPU will work better for games.



yes but in 6 month you could cry because Nvidia released a new 2080ti with 16gig. and new Rizen will pop up etc…
my opinion it is urgent to wait and if you really need to have VR now, the only option is to get the 5K+ plus a DAS + a pair of base station and controller.
You will already get A LOT of fun with that and can wait next year when the Pimax 8kx will be availalble with all features. and all your equipement will still have a good resale value (the pimax 5K+ and the two 1080). you will also sell the pc for cheap and get a new one with PCIe 4.0, a solid CPU and GPU, motherboard with 2 M.2 SSD etc…

in 6 months time when Nvidia does release the newer card, the 1080s will sell for much less as they will be another 1/2 a year older and be another level lower than they are currently. however, if the 2x 1080s are sold now for a 2080ti they would pretty much be a 2 for 1 swap and little $$ will need to be spent… I am not sure that @pablom cares too much for the Rizen chips as he is already locked into an Intel Board and Processor and he would need to replace all of it to do that upgrade!

The Pimax 5k is a good choice but he has also mentioned that he is interested in a HP Reverb (high resolution but standard FOV) and the valve Index.

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It will be necessary to get a whole new PC? MB, CPU etc? Or upgrading the GPU will be enough? How much would add to VR getting a whole new PC?

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Upgrading your GPU should be sufficient. As @Enopho said selling your 1080s to get a 2080ti would be a great boost.

Folks like @SweViver @yanfeng @voodoode & @mixedrealityTV were on the m1 beta team & use 2080ti.

Replacement of your whole pc will obviously improve your performance assuming the pc components are better than your current setup. But you would probably have to jump to an i9 processor and 4000mhz ddr4 memory with the 2080ti. But that will set you back lots of funds… So the biggest win on what you have now is the gpu


Ok let me give you my point of view :slight_smile:
Going from a 6900K to even 9900K wont give you much in terms of performance in VR, unless you play VR simulators. A CPU upgrade is just not necessary at this point, and I would personally wait until we see what AMD can bring us later this year. My Upgrade from first 4700K to 8700K didnt do that much in VR games, and the next upgrade earlier this year, to 9900K feels totally pointless so far. At least for gaming.

Your RAM memory of 3200Mhz is more than enough. Going above might give you a boost in some specific flat/monitor PC games but you will not notice any difference in VR.

There is nothing wrong with the motherboard you have, and the PSU will keep you running for a long time with one GPU.

The SSD is more than enough and upgrading is pointless. Keep the games you are playing on the SSD. If they still load slowly. then maybe try to re-install Windows - it can do wonders!

The only thing I can see that could benefit you, is a GPU upgrade. Get a 2080Ti if you can afford it (hopefully you can sell your 1080Ti) and you will gain 20-30% in performance in VR.

As simple as that! :wink:


Awesome! Im a fan of your Youtube channel.

I will still get a faster SSD since i need more space.

Not sure if i should wait for some new geforce that could come out this year.

Im also thinking about Pimax 5K vs Valve Index, or maybe wait for new Pimax…


Thank you guys, the lest question: Do you think my setup, mainly the PSU, will work well with 2080ti? i have no idea about this stuff…

Yes of course :slight_smile: I use 1000w psu as well with my 2080Ti and 9900K, both overclocked.
Before, I had two 1080Ti overclocked to max on the same PSU :slight_smile: