My Sad Non8KX story

My unofficial “It’s not8KX!” contribution - A Sad Story of Erratic Expectations Shattered and Deceived by Cruel Reality

You can call me Klaus, I’m a tech geek in his mid fifties, so I’ve seen quite a bit technology passing by. I was around when Metabyte released their Wicked 3D Eyescreem glasses for 3dfx Voodoo cards. I was onboard when nvidia bought both technologies and forged it into their 3Dvision drivers. So I not only decided it was a good time to invest into nvidia shares but also got me a second hand HMD with a whooping 480x240 resolution to descent into the mines of Descent. Together with my Elsa Revelator (much smaller IR dongle one and larger glasses than the rebranded H3DMetabyte!) life was good, until my trusted 19” Trinitron CRT Iiyama Pro gave up on me and TFT killed my 3D stereo experience for good. I was a member of various nerdy platforms by then (3D stereoscopic experience required an active community to come even close to being “enjoyable”) but the one I feel worth mentioning in particular was “Meant to Be Seen” (or MTBS) hosted by Neil Schneider and a merry community with some funny guys. One even as bold as having his avatar named like the legendary spirit behind the very first FPS, John Carmack, hahaha…. But, wait…. As it turned out…. And there was the other young guy, Palmer Lucky who set out woht plans hacking 3D goggles together one step ahead. It was nights of excited discussions an even the Oculus name originated there. The reason I decided not to be amongst the ones that jumped on that project was that I had learned I could hardly cope with screen door effect and low resolution looked at through a toilet paper roll. So, I saved for large HFR TFTs, hacked EDIDs, drivers and built DVI sync signal extractors to keep my shutter glasses alive until the HDK2, an open source headset with active support from Valve was released and teased my tinkering soul. I need to say this is still one underrated VR project as it actually featured lower SDR than anything I had seen before. But it was uncomfortable, not working most of the time and … ther was the double toilet paper roll experience…. So I waited for something better to come along which finally happened in 2017 when an upsrising company promised to deliver VR for the 20th century with 4K resolution and unprecedented wide field of view. I wanted it so dearly that I decided to go for the solution that was to come first instead of the better solution and my wallet only allowed for the lightweight solution, an 8K and an additional lighthouse. Well, first doesn’t mean early and the felow backers here all know who the 8K fulfilment went (and still goes on intil today, as the lighthouse was never delivered, so I had to get a first gen seceond hand).

So, with this preface it should have become evident I am acquainted to pain and patience. But, man I didn’t know what I bought (in a literal sense) when laying down additional money to upgrade from my 8K to the initially teased “true experience” the 8KX in November 2019. I forfeited all my additional pledges to allow for that extra expense with my beloved financial minister but instead put up an order for a comfort kit and SMAS after receiving a good discount for spreading the word.

Chinese New Year came and went, but the Corona virus stuck, so no Comfort kit for me to sell my 8K to make up for the upgrade as my wife had agrred as prerequisite.

Spiring came and went and with the notification that all backers should have received their lighthouses – seems all but me.

Summer came and almost went with the notification that all 8KX upgraders and preorderers would have their orders shipped out – seems all but me.

Then there was that email that everyone who had not received their tracking number should issue a PM to PimaxQuorra and so I did on September 17th:

PimaxQuorra, alias Calvin was helpful and promised to arrange shipment in promptu, but since nothing did happen for weeks I picked up the thread on October 12th:

However, i want to make a long story a bit shorter, it wasn’t before October 23rd that I got my first tracking number and there was a chance I would be able to meet the deadline for the freshly announced wevent and participate with a comparing review of 8K and 8KX. Alas! If tracking number only have meant actual shipment, but it stuck with a label created. Fortunately the deadlinbe was extended amd Quorra was confident this time all would go straight and he’d personally take care to have the goods sent out by Monday if not Tuesday 17th the latest. Well, it was Wednesday, but i wouldn’t complain, as for the first time it not only contained the eagerly anticipated 8kX but also allegedly all outstanding orders PLZS the lighthouse from Kickstarter. Would I finally be happy?

No, as , again, shipping label doesn’t equal shipping. Supposed to arrive on Friday 23rd, it hadn’t ecven left the Pimax headquarters. I felt sick and tired and sure I owuldn’t have it in my hnads with at least a compensating glimpse of hope to win the 3090 I heavily hearted decided it was about time to let go my dreams of VR coming true with that company and initiated a complete refund for Monday. Hmmmm… I migh have should done so earlier, as surprise surprise, Shanghai Monday morning found my headset being miracously picked up by FedEx, too late for the event but scheduled for Friday. So one can’t have all but I’d be content with finally having what was anticipazed best VR experience.

But, clocks tick backwards in China so it seems and the groundhog just moved his hole from Pimax headquarters to Shanghai airport FedEx facility where it now sits for 3 days.

So, there you havce it, the story of one who set out to learn about VR with a Pimax headset. To be continued.



(I think I am somwewhat entitled to post my contribution after the deadline by now, ain’t I?)


Just to manage your expectations, for some reason FedEx keep hold of them for about 2 weeks before finally putting them on a plane. I personally think it’s something to do with some kind of quarantine they have in place because the number of days seems to be exactly the same for those that have shared their experiences in the past!


It’s not so much about the expectations I have with FedEx (funnily enough though in our company we just managed to ship something from Munich to China deleivered the 3rd day doorstep)… it is more about Pimax not being able to solve a crying-out-loud issue and overdue order for over 2 months since getting notified as asked by themselves to solve this. Honestly, and as a backer to kickstart this enterprise, with their way of “managing” the very basic kinds of bringing product not only to market but also into the nands of their customers, let alone early adopters, I don’t really see them going anywhere with the professional cpompetition that came up since KS.

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Agreed 2 week hold is one thing but several months with seemingly no traction is abysmal.



First of all, we are so sorry for the inconvenience. Due to these days, the restriction for courier service has been strengthen, there are lots of procedures before the parcel is on board to deliver to our customers. Hope you understand it sir.

Have forwarded your issue to the logistic team, and asked them to check on the tracking status.
Please kindly check the inbox, as we will update you the latest status.

*Edit : The logistic team has called the FedEx to speed up the shipment.



hold on Klaus , you will get it soon.

PS.Mine to Austria also did take some time to arrive , if you have questions you can PM me , remember you will also have to pay the taxes to the custom departement :slight_smile:

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