My review of the pimax 5K+

- FoV: that’s a terrific thing and also the biggest achievement of pimax, to have done that. And that’s why the pimax is the only HMD to date that really deserves the predicate “VR 2.0”. And yes, there is little distortion at the edge. Negligible for me. I do not believe that anyone can handle this big FoV without distortion, until I have seen it myself.

- Black level: bad. Dark games are virtually a no-go with it. But even with normal games comes immediately a “gray haze” when it gets darker.

- Workmanship: yes, the plastic is weird. So far I have only a small crack. Visually it does not bother me, an HMD is for me a purely functional and not an aesthetic object. But if it eventually leads to functional impairments, the fun stops.

- Resolution / SDE: corresponds to “VR 2.0”. But it is, as with all other glasses so far, still room for improvement.

- Comfort: the price could really include a “deluxe audio headstrap”. tinkering DAS of other manufacturers is an absurdity! As for the face pad, I am lucky that everything fits perfectly with my face shape. It is comfortable and I have no light intrusion. Someone with a different head / face shape may, of course, see things differently.

- Software: it works, but with rough edges. The base stations are only recognized by the pimax software if they were switched on when the PC started up. But also on the part of SteamVR not everything works fine. Apart from the fact that the controllers and base stations can not be switched on or off automatically, there are strange errors: sometimes a controller is not recognized, often the battery- and the hand-indicator don’t appear. When it runs, however, it is stable and reliable.

- Other: I have with increasing operating time “snow” (= white flashing pixels) in the display. It’s not like you could not play. But whether the cable or the electronics in the HMD are responsible, it is a clear bug!

CONCLUSION: The pimax for me is still the only “VR 2.0” glasses, since only it offers a really good FoV. The bad black value, the questionable housing quality, so far missing DAS, snow / cable problem and the not yet mature software tarnish the joy noticeably. Unfortunately, the company pimax acts incredibly slow here. So, I’m still waiting for a really round VR 2.0 complete system.