My replacement cable came today

I’m thrilled with my replacement cable. It has solved the following issues I was seeing:

  • Pixel sparkles
  • Black flashes
  • White flashes (which were very annoying)
  • Multi-colored horizontal line flashing (also very annoying)
  • And unexpectedly: The every-other line differs issue (when quickly moving your head with a bright background I saw an effect much like looking at an old CRT TV)

I’ve only had about 20 minutes to test it, but I saw none of the previous problems at all. I had gotten used to them, but I didn’t realize how much they were affecting my immersion.

My 8K has gone from a good headset with some issues, to a great headset. :+1: I am very happy. This was worth the wait: ~15 months for the headset and ~1 month for the replacement cable.


Haha good to see your issues resolved, happy immersing!


The ironic twist is that I’m going on vacation in the morning and won’t get to use it for a while. :confounded:


Oh I get that all the time. My Pimax was delivered when I was just away a few days. Then my other Pimax the same. Then my DAS arrived and I had 4 days before I could use it. I’m getting a bit used to it now


What kind of cable is this? A normal double HDMI cable? I havent received my pimax yet, but i think id rather buy it myself than bothering doing this resending process.

No it is proprietary Pimax cable, you can’t buy it anywhere yet.


After few hours I noticed few sparkling pixels also with new cable but not always and when they appear they are much less pronounced.


Yes, McUH is correct. It’s a replacement for my Pimax cable, the original was defective. I could use VR, but there was a lot of signal problems. Here’s a through-the-lens video, showing the problem (which is the evidence I provided to support, to get a replacement cable). Ignore the flickering; watch for the black and white flashes. Usually, it wasn’t as often as it is in this video…


I got mine today too. But they were supposed to send one for my 5K+ and 8K. I might only get one :roll_eyes:

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The bright side is you can not use the both headsets at the same time. :beers: