My racing sim made me motion sick~

I just hooked up a logitech wheel and pedal setup and got Assetta Corsa going. (I DL’d the vintage car package so I could drive an MGB on a track. :))
I need some help figuring out settings tho’. Even with my Nvidia 3090 and an intel 9-9000 Cpu, the frame rate was not good in native mode, and it didn’t look great either. It also made me violently motion sick!
That’s a problem I’ve never had, even thermalling from the back seat of a training glider with a student at the controls in the front seat. (and students can be all over the air learning to make a thermalling ascent). I have a LOT more sympathy now for folks who said they get motion sick in VR!
Should I get out of native mode?
I’ve got my steam settings down to about 3800x3100, and I set FOV at normal with quality at 1.75.
Even so, it’s not playable.
Any ideas?

I would drop the settings as low as they need to get a smooth experience even compromising on quality to get a non-nausea inducing experience and then start experimenting from there.

Some of the sim drivers may be able to offer more game specific advice.

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The problem is: most of the movement is too much for your brain. The movement doesn’t fit into the visual signs which makes you sick.
For example: you look into your book while driving. And than you feel acceleration or cornering forces. This makes you feel uncomfortable. Because the static environment doesn’t fit into the movement you feel.

It has nothing to do with nativ or upscale mode. It’s only the fitting of what you see and what you feel. Sometimes a very very tiny movement is enough to give your brain the information needed. If the movement is stronger than your brain expect, than your brain tells you „hey dude, here is something wrong! I cannot compromise things, I am out“

Hope it is understandable what’s going on inside yourself :wink:


Basically, all this can be summed up as seasickness . The motion you perceive from inertial cues measured by the inner ear not matching up with the visual cues, provokes reflexes that are intended to respond to having digested bad things that would disable these senses.

If low framerates are the problem, try looking at the static Pimax logo image (what you see when PiTool Home or Pimax Experience are not enabled), as if it were moving, while moving your head. Try to focus on a spot of that image while moving your head.

That trick helped me stop getting motion sickness whenever rendering paused and left a frozen frame on the displays…

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I would suggest that you leave PiTool at 1.0 and then adjust the Steam SS setting to 100 to start with. That should give you full resolution. Turn off PP in AC. Run the game and check your framerate. FPSVR is a great tool for that if you want to purchase on Steam. If you are getting 75 frames (which you certainly should be able to do with your setup) it should help you avoid VR sickness. If you are new to VR, you may have to slowly build up your VR “legs” over time. If you start to feel uncomfortable, STOP immediately. Take a break until you feel better and try again.
Hope this helps.


Hi guys, thanks for all the advice and help. Unfortunately, I just had too many issues with Assetto Corsa. It wouldn’t start from pitools or the PE. It would start from steam and then seize up, or put a library page in front of the game. A page I was unable to close or control in any way with my mouse. And on the rare occasions I got the game running, it seemed to forget the control profile I’d carefully entered and saved for my logitech G25. The one time I did get it running and playing (and I have no idea how) it made me sick to play it.
I removed it from my library and purchased Project cars. So far it runs with no issues at a constant 75 FPS and looks good too.
And It doesn’t make me sick.
I’d love to try Assetto Corsa again, but right now, I’m a bit too fed up and frustrated with it. I’d go with iRacing, but I don’t want to cough up subscription money until I know I’ll like racing sims.
I might just be a flight sim guy.


hey @Finn
I can’t help you with assetto corsa, but I can give you my setting for iRacing, if you will decide to try it. I also have 3090 and iRacing is the best simracing game for VR.
Don’t buy subscription for one year at first. Try for 1 month. It costs only $6.50
I wasn’t simracer few years ago, but first I started with gran turismo. It was fun but iRacing is a new level of realism.
Community is one of the best. You will meet many pro drivers, and other drivers are trying to behave very mature.
There are few different race types. For me the best is nascar (oval races) and ‘Mazda weeekly races’. I never though nascar can be so much fun. It’s awesome when you are the driver and your priority is not to be first but to survive cuz there is always some bad accident :rofl:
Also in iRacing, you will have 4 types of racing and few cars for free and I think this free content is enough to learn how to drive as a pro. I didn’t buy anything after first few months. Every week there is new track and new weekly race so you won’t get bored.

About your sickness*
I had big motion sickness when I start racing in VR. After 4 minutes I was in a bathroom.
but don’t worry, it’s very easy to get used to. Do like this:

  1. Start your VR racing and sit still. Don’t drive. Only look around. Do it for 2-3 minutes. Take off headset and come back after 30 minutes.
  2. repeat step 1.
  3. Now start driving, but slowly and do it only for few minutes. Take a rest.
  4. Start driving longer, 8 min, then 10 min, 12 min and more and more.
    It took me 3 days to drive full hour. Now I can do 24 Hours of Le Mans without any sickness.

As you can see it’s easy but hard part is to take off headset before you will feel sick. That’s why start slowly with 4 minutes and keep going. It doesn’t matter if you are ok after 4 min, just take those headset off :wink:

Good luck


I only have a 5k+ but I do have plenty of experience with simracing on multiple titles including Assetto Corsa. First of all - I assume you are indeed talking about the original Assetto Corsa and not Competizione. Try just setting Pitool to 1.0 & let steamVR adjust its self to get going. Turn off “Compatible with Parallel Projections” in Pitool for this game & use “hidden area mask”. Try it again - make sure you’re getting 75fps almost all of the time & if not, lower some in game settings like anti alias, shadows etc until you achieve that 75+fps.

Once you hit the framerate cap of the HMD you should find motion sickness will almost disappear but you may still get it initially while your brain gets used to seeing one thing with your eyes and not feeling any physical effects to go with it (things like starting and stopping the car or reversing are classic stomach turners).

Also with regards to your comment saying “it doesnt look very good”, may I ask are you using the stock/vanilla version of Assetto Corsa? If so, that could be why as it’s an old game. The best way to make it look amazing by comparison is to download the Content Manager & install the latest SOL mod & CSP (Custom Shaders Patch) if you havent got these already. Have a watch of some tutorials on how to do this and how to use them both as it can be a bit daunting if youve not used it before but it is fairly straight forward.


I am really enjoying Project cars, so I thought I’d splurge and get iRacing as well. Downloading now. I just wish it had classic sports cars from the 60’s… the Triumphs, MG’s and Austin Healeys. I have a 64 MGB that I’ve restored with a stage 3 engine- not quite an all out racing engine but quite quick. I’d love a simulation that featured cars I could own, rather than just drool over!


One thing about iRacing.
This is not typical racing game like project cars, forza, gran turismo etc. There is no campaign or single player career. iRacing is pure …online racing. But don’t be intimidate by other drivers. At the beginning you will have “Rookie” class so you will race with other “new” drivers. Of course keep in mind, that “Rookie” class is where people learn how to drive and during “Rookie races” are the most accidents. But we all had to start somewhere :slight_smile: Just remember that in iRacing, the most important is to drive clean. Try to behave like a real racer and you will have lot of fun :+1:

*if I can suggest something, start with “Mazda Cup”. It’s the most popular and free content. You can race every hour and once per week there is new track. Also “Street Stock” is awesome. The same like mazda but on oval tracks (nascar type).

Here is my setting file. Just put it to
C:\Users\your name\Documents\iRacing

In steamVR you can set custom resolution to 250%. Depend of course how high you will go with pitool quality :wink:

If you have any questions about setting, driving tips and techniques, how to start etc just ask. I love iRacing and I will gladly help for all of you guys.

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For driving a large selection of classic cars at a huge number of locations around the world, the original Assetto Corsa is probably the one you will enjoy most but it needs those 3 mods to shine. For online competitive racing with official only content I agree with Culver9 iRacing is definitely the biggest. Rfactor 2 has great physics & there are a good amount of classic cars and circuits available for it via steam workshop but I personally find it is best suited to competitive League Racing (this is my fav personal sim).

Going back to AC, it also simulates the drivetrain pretty well too compared to most titles so heel & toe can actually be useful and fun. To get the most out of it though have a look into those 3 items I mentioned in my above post. One of the great features is you can set circuits and locations to a free roam “practice” mode or “track day mode” which is very relatable to real life experiences. Certain mod tracks like the LA Canyons map even have AI driving around on a real road network etc or the new High Force UK map which is part of the UK road network (glencoe as well) and it’s like being out for a Sunday drive.

Just incase you’re not already aware, a good source of everything you could need for AC:

Most driving games that have been ported to VR have a setting labeled something along the lines of “Lock Horizon” or something. Basically, your horizon is locked to either the car or the headset. One way will make a lot of people sick, the other not so much. And I never remember which is which. But finding it and changing it can help.

Also, to anyone experiencing VR Sickness (or motion sickness), candied ginger removes the nausea for most of us. I’m sure the dosage is particular to the person, but I find that I need around 15g (3-4 pieces) for a few hours of peace.

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