My Psychic Asian Predictions for Pimax Day 3

Here’s my random Pimax Day Predictions.

Based on nothing else but previous experiences. IF I AM WRONG(And everything went accordingly to Pimax Day 2), I will be VERY VERY HAPPY.

If I’m right then just cancel Pimax Day 3 and tell us straight up. If I’m wrong(And everything went accordingly to Pimax Day 2) then tell me I’m wrong and I will be VERY Happy.

Pimax Day 3 will take place either the first or second week of December.

They will announce the 8K+ is shipping late December and the 8KX is shipping by the 2nd week of the New Year which as we all know by now will get delayed to Chinese New Year and After Chinese New Year.


Just so we’re clear, am I understanding you correctly in that you would consider this to be bad news? If so, why?

They’re probably delayed, but PD3 was purported to cover more about opensourcing than straight updates. It would be nice to get a text update regardless.
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I do not think I want another PD stream. I would much prefer a web page with FAQs from this forum, answered in plain English, posted on Pimax web, or here.


No one wants it but @PimaxUSA seems to indicating there will be another one.

I personally wrote in multiple threads I’d rather a simple Up to Date Thread that gets progress updates regularly on the forums and reposted to reddit.


Are Delays bad? yes and no. I care about not RMAing my headset so I don’t mind it if it does improve the overall quality. I am an impatient person so delays sting.

Either ways I don’t care if it’s delayed or not as long as we can have actual updates. My predication thread is likely what is going to happen for those updates and if it’s correct we can save ourselves having to go through 1 more Pimax Day.

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(also eff this idiotic forum engine)

well , knowing that pimax is not rushing anything just for us , impatient backers, you can expect that busy end of year (less than one month now) will suspend most activities (either from pimax or third party).
so , yes no crystall ball needed to think nothing will happens before end of january.



A good time for an update on the results of my 8KX predictions I made in June 2019.

Predictions made and actual results or current prediction:
(These predictions felt extremely pessimistic at the time).

  • June 2019 (made prediction)

  • “Coming Soon” announcement in August 2019
    Actual: They made the announcement on 24th September (Pimax Day 1).

  • Preorders October 2019
    Actual: Pimax Day 2 was 31st October (?) So I think preorders actually started in November?

  • Youtube reviews October 2019
    Actual: November 2019 and only first impression videos have been posted so far. No reviews yet.

  • “90% sure all preorders will be shipped by Christmas” announcement in November 2019
    Current Prediction: Since everything is happening later than I predicted by 1 month, I think this one is likely not going to happen.

  • “Will ship all preorders by end of month” announcement in January 2020
    Current Prediction: Yes, we will get a lot of assurances like this.

  • Chinese New Year and you still didn’t receive your 8KX yet in February 2020
    Current Prediction: Hopefully not!? Would be really agonizing if 8K backers who got their 8Ks in March/April 2019 (like me) will have to go through that Chinese New Year waiting again.

  • Index 2 announcement March 2020
    Current Prediction: Not likely I think. Valve are too slow at doing things for an Index 2 to come out that fast. But on the other hand, they are likely working on it and might surprise everyone.

  • Index 2 previews declare it “best VR HMD ever” April 2020
    Current Prediction: Well, if April 2020 and 8KX it still isn’t generally available yet and Pimax release it with bad QA and bad marketing+PR like before, every website is still gonna say the Index (1) is the best VR HMD.

  • You receive your 8KX April 2020
    Current Prediction: This is the worst case.


Nooooo, not when summer is about to start.


If we start making such disappointing forecasts, then I’m afraid Pimax will completely relax, knowing that we are not waiting for 8KX soon. :expressionless:

On the contrary, need to push and rush him every day :boom:
“Work, work and work again!” :grin:


I’m just being realistic. No point being like Pimax getting people’s hopes up then pissing people off by dashing those hopes.


As long as they stick to the plan, I see no problem.

In any case, I hope that Pimax will release a complete consumer product and we will not be beta testers (even if it takes a little more time).

But their engine of progress must always work, not stopping :beers: :man_factory_worker: :boom:

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