My pimax 8kx is not tracking on one basestation even though it is on, I have tried switching in between 9 axis mode and lighthouses

even on lighthouse mode, it only does 9 axis rotation and I cant move anywhere but my controller do seem to track around the play area. I can see my hand moving around far away from me.

thats what happened before mine stopped working completely

I’ve had this happen twice recently, also saw my controllers infront of me but pointing in other direction…
Also try taking out the display port cable, the headset doesn’t react to it and the light stays green

Reinstall and restart didn’t help but swapping around the usb ports fixed it

Maybe LH laser diode died. Happens quite often.

Check if base stations are set to different channels.This was the case for me.
Initially when the headset arrived with 2 base stations they were both set to Channel1.
However each station must be set to a different channel - otherwise they interfere.

You switch channel by inserting something to a pinhole and pressing a button that’s inside.

Each press switches to next channel. I think there are as much as 11 channels. Once you reach last channel it comes back to the beginning. You should have an indication which channel is set once you hover over base station in SteamVR

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The light is green on the basestation? for me 2 never turned green they were only blue and white.

It depends on the hardware and firmware revision. The base stations Pimax sends out are coming with an old firmware (2001), which is only blue and white. The newer ones from Valve are coming with newer firmware (currently the latest is 3008), which is blue and green.

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Are you sure? Pimax and steam sad they did not work when they did not turn green.
And my phone app could not send comand to them.

I am sure, I have the ones with the old firmware at home, just received them in the backer box. They have “SteamVR” written on the backside. They turn white when running and tracking and work (so far) ok.

Which app and what command did you try to send?

If that is true then I wasted money and time sending mine in as rma.

But did you have any other problems with the lighthouses? I guess the color of the LED should not matter that much, no?

hey Sir
Our customer service team has received and handled your ticket, and the customer service has contacted you to replace Base station. Please remember to reply :wink:

I already replied to the basestations and 8kx tickets and have not gotten a reply, what are you talking about, maybe wrong person?

Hard to say did not feel like the tracking was 100%, did not play shooting games the days I had it up.

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