My Pimax 5k plus

I have been using Pimax 5k plus for nearly 30 days still now on. Its been amazing experience that i get from pimax. Where as other hand i did not like HTC vive so much.

According GPU i am currently using now Zotac GTX 1080 amp extreme its run perfectly fine with normal FOV. When its come to High FOV its abit lagged. Overall Temperature stay between 65 to 70 average while playing VR games.

1st games i have ever tried with Pimax 5k plus was Beats saber. OH my goosh i have no word to explain how crisp and clear the screen looks simplely mind blowing. Its just i have no word to explain this you have to see it in your own eye high FOV its simple Just WOW. Sweet spots simple awesome. I never felt like this with HTC vive. I was playing 3 hours of with Beats sabar i have noticed that. I did not get single nausea or vomiting . Where as HTC vive my eyes start to hurt alot.

2nd game i have tried was Arizona sunshine. smooth running no lagged or buffering. Field of view simple awesome. i have Tried mostly all VRgames. I did not noticed so much screen door effect or so much of black level. Setuping my Pimax super easy follow the instruction given by Pimax peoples.

I faced one problems while playing VR games. I see Dual image inside the headsets. I have solved this problems by talking with pimax peoples. There support team are super fast respond on time.

My shipping was on time given by pimax peoples.

I have forgot to mention one game i have tried that i have like so much. Which was Space Pirate trainer wow FOV feel like i really in VR world. I have no problems with the color as its personal preference.

Wearing the Headsets i feel comfortable no problem whats so ever. Design of the headsets i like it alot.

I am sorry guys i could not share the image as i really don’t know how to take picture inside VR. I am beginner USERS.

I would like to thanks Mr Leon Wang. He have support me alot when ever i need to. Best of luck with all pimax Team. I pry that this company will grow more and more. Thank you pimax peoples giveing best VR experience.


Thank you for your post.

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Backer or Pre order?

It was Pre Order bro

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