My opinion about SDE both 8k and 5k+ (mr.uu)

I have the 8k for a couple of weeks and received the 5k+ yesterday.

After playing a handful of my favorites games in the 8k, enjoying it a lot, I was curious about the supposed improved clearity and overall picture of the 5k+ in comparison with the 8k.

And, to make my point: I do not share the opinion of Sebastian (mrtv) for everybody to go with the 5k+.

Fist of all, the SDE of the 8k is ways better than the 5k+. In the 5k+ i can clearly see the black area between the Pixels. In the 8k it is also there, but much less, just like a faint idea of an SDE.

So I played Subnautica (probably the most underrated VR-Game - it is amazing in the 8k) for hours in the 8k, and jumped in yesterday with the newly arrived 5k+. I was heavily disappointed. Yes, the picture seemed „clearer“ but it was at the same time not as smooth and generally more „rough“ looking. So the aliasing in the distant was more obvious, resulting in a less nice picture (at least in my opinion).

I could not stand the now so obvious SDE, so I immediately put it back in the box.

After New Years holiday I will try it again in my motion rig. Maybe there it does have a benefit in running on 90Hz instead of the 8ks 80Hz… we will see.


How are the colours and blacks any better in the 8k ? , also for today’s hardware and not having any brainwarp technology as of yet, if you turn up the 8k SS wouldn’t it look as or sharper then the 5k , Have you tried turning up the SS just too see how it looks ?

That was my impression in Gouda also, i did choose 8k

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Do you by chance play ED? @neal_white_iii would be interested in your feedback.

Congrats on receiving both!


I did try ED in the 8k but there was a problem with the controls, so I was stuck in the first training mission.
I do not recall the picture to be to bright for space games. It was a nice experience.

Honestly I think the differences are all negligible. Everybody will enjoy their headsets. It really does not matter which one you choose, both are very fine headsets.

The one thing more I want to mention is:
The small FOV setting is already muuuuch wider than the 100ish FOV of the rift or Vive or Odyssey or Vive pro (have all of them) and therefore already sufficient to call it wide FOV.
I do play most of the games in small FOV setting for performance reasons, especially if playing games where parallel projection setting has to be on (like subnautica)

And: Everybody should go and get a DAS and mod it with Velcro. It is a 5min job, easily done and makes THE difference, no more reflections from light entering the sides or around the nose. And a much better fit!


(Edit: read your first sentence wrong) Supposedly the 8k has better blacks and colors. I did not see a big difference - if there was any at all. Personally I think the cheaper (5k+) panels will always have a broader range of quality specs. My three headsets (two 8k, one 5k+) are all pixel perfect and no light bleed or other (color-) issues, lucky me…

The SS opinion of voodoode is imho also misleading. It is more logical for me (and my experience) that the more you crank up the SS on the 5k+, the more it will look like on the 8k, never reaching the smoothness (some call it blur) of its almost none existent SDE. While the 8k will on the other hand never be as sharp as the 5k+ because of its SDE and pixel arrangement.


According to Sweviver the 8K clarity has improved with the last versions of PiTool.


This is because you had the 8k and you got use to the sde patterns. If you tried both at the same time it most likely would have been a different outcome.


If find this contradictory with:



Good point. It will be interesting to see if his initial feedback is eventually tempered after a longer use of the 5K+.

Yeh abit trying to figure out if I should try and get a 8k replacement? If I know I’d be able to raise the SS and get a better clear picture, I would rather use the 8k


I disagree with this. As the truth is you will accommodate to flaws of either headset. Now it could be said any Oled User would be already used to diagonal pixel layout. Most standard monitors are like the 5k+ standard Horizontal layout & typically how screens are installed.

For me the best pixel arrangement I have seen to date is Rainbow RGB.

I prefer the picture on the 8k because I can see the difference of the pixels in the 5k+ & the resulting SDE/blockiness.

It all comes down to one’s visual aquity & preference. Which is why like Coke & Pepsi preferencial choice will vary by one’s individual preference.


Because of one’s preferences things are contradictory.

Some Argue coke & pepsi taste the same; me? I prefer the taste of coke & can clearly taste a difference. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


I think Pepsi has better looking can and bottle , and taste better warm , lol but seems the trade of from
The 5 to 8 are the clearidy and 8 to 5 the lessin pixel lines , that’s what I’m gathering right now

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Then folks with screens in windows & doors & regular monitors will be used to the 5k+ pixel pattern.

& oled headset users will be used to diagonal pixel patterns… Lol

But then again oled headset owners have screens & likely standard lcd monitors & TVs. Lol

From my point of view the 8K will never be as clear as the 5K+ at similiar SS level.

The question is how clearer the 5K+ is (for me, or for you). We will never be able to know that without trying both HMD ourselves, it is impossible to guess from feedbacks. I have read tons of feedback, possibly 80% of them, and I’m still unable to quantify how I would judge that clarity difference for myself, with my own sensitivity.

I would opt for the 8K due to the slightly better black, warmer colors, and slightly better SDE (or heavily better, here too difference in sensitivity make the judgement of SDE difference vary a lot, although the majority find the SDE difference is minimal and only a minority claims the SDE difference is huge) if I was not very affraid by the latency and the much higher GPU need to get somewhat on par with the 5K+ clarity, knowing I’m also very sensitive to framerate dropping below the panel refresh rate, so GPU need (vs clarity) is a major factor for me.

So since the beginning I have been leaning toward the 5K+, but it is not free of flaws I dislike (cold color, less deep blacks, black dots issue, more blocky / more visible pixels / more visible aliasing).

I still haven’t answered to the survey to inform pimax of my choice. And I would still want to hear about the BE because grey blacks is a big flaw (from my personal sensitivity/taste).


Not a matter of one’s preferences here, he says negligible differences while reporting huge differences in the mean time. That’s contradictory. Nothing to do with pepsi/coke.


Well I am not allowed to drink coke or Pepsi . All I can have is Pepsi max and it tastes like sh##t :worried:


Aa owning both I can say similar things.

Simple truth subjective viewpoint. All reports are true from ones perspective.

Though more are starting not to like the 5k+ due to issues they are noticing. While others are not seeing these issues or are at least not bothered by them.

Sure @mr.uu is reporting for him he sees drastic differences but in truth a lot of folks are not likelt to notice as has been reported.

Youtube ladies reviewers reported they for the most part do not see big differences. We have a user here considering pre order whom cannot see a sde difference between Vive Pro & 5k or 8k.

I think the simple truth. Don’t look for things too hard that might be a bother if you focus on finding it.

Simple Truth there is & isn’t drastic differences between these 2 headsets & depending on the individual will determine if it is or isn’t.

This is why the choice is so hard. It’s also why folks with the headsets or have tried them shouldn’t push either on folks. Present your choice & points on why. Some have PMed me on being disappointed on the 5k+ being pushed as the better headset after receiving it or trying both at a meetup.

Now it’s not leaning one side or the other. But folks whom choose one or the other based folks pressuring either as better will be irritated with “feeling” deceived into their choice if they are unhappy with the headset received.


I shouldn’t drink either. But for me Pepsi & Diet Coke taste similar. Now the coke(green label) with 1/3 less sugar? Using cane sugar & stevia is not too bad.

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