My credit card was just charged 20% by kickstarter just now. Is this normal?

Hi friends, this is the first time I use kick starter, I backed 8KX. Few minutes ago kickstarter charged 20% of my pledge amount to my credit card, I received SMS. Is this normal for new kickstarter users? will it charge the remaining 80% or will it refund 20% later? or something is wrong here?

Thanks for your help.

Hmmm. I don’t believe it ever happened to me…

I have’t gotten charged anything yet.

I think it’s just a temporary authorization to test if your card is valid or not.

I think its fair to tell us exactly what day the charge will go through so we can inform banks ahead of time. Otherwise a charge from an overseas company may be rejected for quite a few people i would guess.

Hi, I have also been charged about 20% of pledge on 8K X, and after couple of minutes I got them back. So I guess you don’t have to worry. I seems KS does that on pledges from certain amount (have no idea for what reason), because when I pledged lower amount on other products (below $100), I haven’t been charged. Would like to hear better explanation if someone knows the reason for that.

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I think its an internal anti-fraudulent pledges system implemented by Kickstarter themselves to avoid a lot of fake high value pledges.

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Over a certain ammount kickstarter will charge a temporary authorisation of 20%. I tried to change my pledge to 8K X full kit and it wouldnt work because I didnt have available funds for the 20% charge at the time

Seems it is true that it only happen when pledge is above certain amount, previously it was $972, there is no charge, once I pledge $100 more, ($1072), I got this 20% charge immediately, I received SMS from my bank. Just now I check the transaction history of my card, I do not see any transaction regarding this 20%, neither deduction, nor refund, probably the bank system is not updated yet.


Hi. Most likely its just a temporary check. In and out just to verify the card

Now it is clear, thank you.

1 cent charge on mine

Thanks guys, it’s normal that Kickstarter platform checks the balance or availability of credit card. :slight_smile: