My cheap and nasty glasses mod

When my 5k+ arrived one of the first problems I had was that I had to wear my reading glasses when on the rift I didn’t . Even with my prescription glasses the image wasn’t quite right . This is because the sweet spot of my glasses for reading is between 300 and 600 mm and the 5k+ has a focal point around 1000 mm as far as I can tell . So I went to the chemist and tested some cheap reading glasses until I found that 1.5 was the best for me when reading something about 1000 mm away . To cut a long story short it worked like charm so I did this quick mod to install the lenses in my headset and just tested The Blue and it simply looks stunning . Here are some pictures.


Hmm, that looks like a reasonable temporary solution. :+1:

My glasses keep getting smudged by the facepad, when I don or doff the headset. I’d need to buy 2 different pairs, since my left eye prescription is very different from my right eye. Even so, I still might do this mod.


I’ve got this on the printer, I will see how it works in a couple hours will obviously need tweaking but I like your Approach I may end up doing that. :slight_smile:


It seems to me there really isn’t a good place to mount the bracket except maybe in between the housing and face cushion.

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Aren’t your glasses in contact with the lenses? Wouldn’t it make scraches on them?

I bent the wire so the lenses don’t touch but with very minimal clearance .

Yeah I have a 3D printer so if you can get your design to fit snugly that would be awesome . Please let me Know how you go .

Looks risky to me. Plus the wires inside the frame, if one accidentally gets loose it could easily scratch the lenses. I am in the same boat, but have not really figured out a better solution than to simply wear my glasses.

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Yes scratching the lenses is always a big worry . Once I put the face cushion back over the wire it stays in place a lot better than I thought it would . When I was wearing my glasses then putting on the headset they kept touching the lenses so this was the main reason I did the mod .

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The way I put the headset on is that I first put the frame on the face (like if you want to look into binoculars), while taking care of not touching the glasses, and to fit exactly the right spot, and then pull the headstrap over to the back of my head while firmly holding the frame. Removing works exactly the other way around. You have to first fine tune the headstrap lengths, so it reaches far back and low, but once set up correctly, this procedure is far safer than putting on the headstrap first and then the headset.

The disadvantage is, you cannot do it with DAS, so my DAS is still attached to my Vive, but I actually get quite used to the strap, the only thing which is bothering are the headphones, which I had to wear separately.


I see, I had the same problem and I have to add some additional padding to the cushion. Now at approx. 20 mm thick top part, I have ~ 2 mm forward leeway for the glasses.

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I am seriously thinking of buying the Vive DAS if Pimax don’t make an announcement soon on when they will be shipping the stretch goals . At the moment I am continuously removing the headset while trying figure out what the best settings are for games and I keep forgetting to take my cordless headphones off .

The DAS is definitely an upgrade for both the comfort and the ease of use - if - you can put prescription inserts in the headset (which I had in my Vive). But I cannot imagine taking DAS on and off while wearing my glasses with Pimax. They are too wide and even with the cutouts the Pimax has on the sides of the frame fitting it right is a precision work :). I guess with your custom made inserts you should be fine.

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The beauty of the Vive DAS is that you don’t have to take off your glasses and insert them into the headset first and then put it on with the original headband. You just flip the earphones up and put the headset on. It saves much trouble, with less need for the insert.

That one didn’t work out so well going to try this next. The plan is to fix it in place with the face cushion. I also need to add some curvature. Will need support material but i don’t mind a little filing if i have to. I will let you know how it turns out.


Also If this looks like its going to work I’m going to order some larger lenses. Just using some old ones laying around the house right now.

I’m using these without problems , big lens covers whole normal view
The Lens Size: 53mm x 41mm

Maybe better with the big lenses

I bent the frame to decrease the angle to about 160* and then bent the support arms so they don’t squeeze my temples ,
Might take the lens out later and make a bespoke removable flexible frame to glue the lens onto.
ie a bent wire across the top of the lens

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Do you normaly wear 2,5 or 3?

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Good idea but maybe a bit overkill , a couple of lens only need a support at the top thus no longer restricting the wide fov

where the lens finish , side and bottom becomes unnoticeable to the eyes

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Can’t wait for your result. Glasses issue on my 5K has been driving me crazy…