My 5k + Is bricked

So, my Pimax went full on crazy and its blinking the red green power button cycle. I get the 10500 error in pittol aswell. It happend when i was trying to upgrade to the .270 pittol. Looking forward to some help


Sounds like it’s in DFU mode (firmware upgrade).

It’s not “bricked” (do bricks have flashing LEDs?)… :wink:

Reboot and/or unplug/replug it.

If that doesn’t work, try to connect it to another PC.


Agreed. Your headset should be OK, but it sounds like it’s waiting for a firmware upload. Here’s a video about the manual update process:

The utility program link on youtube is dead; here’s a working link to that utility: - Google Drive

Here’s some more discussion on this topic:



We have seen this problem before, a user has reported the same issue happened on his headset.
The issue can be resolved via provided .dfu file and to flash the file on the dfu.exe.

You may need to submit a ticket to our support, and allow our technician to provide this.


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