MW5 VRmod Impossible on Pimax?

Hello, I’ve read a lot of guides on how to get MW5 working on P8k. Seems logical and I followed every step to the letter with no issues. What every guide leaves out is how you actually execute the game with the Pitool! Please correct any of these points if I’m off:

  1. You must start steam games from the Pitool MyGames tab (don’t work if executed straight from Steam)
  2. MW5 requires switches added to MW5 Steam Properties to allow it to run in SteamVR
  3. Pitool automatically finds SteamVR games and adds them to the Pitool MyGames tab
  4. Since MW5 is not natively a SteamVR game, it is not automatically added to the MyGames tab
  5. Adding MW5 to the MyGames tab manually won’t work because “Import” will only point to an Exe with no switches (and MW5 needs switches to allow it to work SteamVR!)

Can anyone help me see what I’m missing please?


Well, guess I can answer my own question here as I found the solution. The points above are all true except 5. If you add the switches to the properties of the game in Steam, then import the exe into Pitool, when it executes it picks the switches up from Steam (even though they’re not in the Pitool import).


That is awesome! Can you share your system setup and settings for Mech Warrior 5? I do hope it is MechWarrior. :beers::wink::vulcan_salute:

Other MechWarrior like games that are pretty good.

  1. Vox Machinae

Have to check my list… lol. There is one that never got past demo which is unfortunate.


  1. War Robots VR - was the demo that never moved forward… short free and decent. They do I believe have a flat game.

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