Music visualization and psychedelic experience (haptic enhanced experiences)

Had a visualization / psychedelic journey with my Pimax 5k+ and would recommend others to try. I got lost in vr this evening musically, visually, and with haptic help (woojer haptic vest and pearl thrown thumper).

1st DMT Dynamic Music Tesseract VR music visualization with YouTube playback via pc audio input.

2nd Visionarium a visionary music driven VR journey. In this experience a visionary trance state is simulated. Played in original format with heavy vr movement settings.

3rd “Ayahuasca” a psychedelic medicine doctor induced trip that simulates out of body experience.

Overall an intense audio/visual experience!
I reccomend trying one or all of them.


Other music and visual experiences if your not in the mood for gaming. (Free)

Senza Peso

Show it to me


Would be interested in knowing what others think and if they run on the 8KX.

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Would also recommend the WaveXR which is a free online community experience that can be played both in VR and pancake mode. They have scheduled concerts and raves. Calendar available on their website. Game available on Steam.


Yes love The Wave too. it is a must see if you have not yet! It is also social…

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I also have the woojer, not enough action on their official forums maybe we should convert this thread to one dedicated to sharing experiences with it.

I can also share some

Thumper is amazing with it.

Also Vertigo Remastered is great. Especially when you go into the vents with the fire.

EDIT: now that I think about it, REZ might work really well too.

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I have a Subpac, which is very similar to the Woojer at least in concept. Agree that Thumper is amazing! I also sometimes play Pistol Whip wearing the vest. Probably completely in my head, but I feel like I get higher scores with it on.


Ayahuasca is an absolutely powerful and stunning experience. Agreed!


Yeah OMG its the best ! I refuse to play PW without it. Switching the gun sounds is great too.

You just got me thinking that BPM would be amazing

Updated title a bit to include haptic experiences. It adds so much to VR…

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wow its on viveport infinity!

I love viveport. They can just quit making HMDs and become the netflix of VR , im ok with that.


That is how I’m viewing it as well. If your an active VR user it’s an incredible deal. I dropped it once then signed back up.


Yeah its great because I would never have bought it for $15CAD

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It may be worth buying if I get rid of viveport. May buy on steam sale. I listen to it with a little added reverb from my PC.

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Yeah I will buy games when they go on sale if its a really good game.

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