Multiple Tracking Solutions

What does that mean? From project KickStarter’s page. Options?

Inside-out tracking
We have designed the interface, currently working with partners with the detailed schedule.
Risk level: low

What are the positional tracking solutions?
Pimax 8K supports both outside-in tracking and inside-out tracking solutions. You can switch between different modes.
The outside-in tracking is based on cutting edge laser tracking technology with minimal latency. Pimax offers PiTracking mode and Steam Compatible mode. With Steam COmpatible Mode, you can use all Valve accessories with Pimax 8K. The developing path of PiTracking is more flexible, and Pimax controllers are much lighter than vive controllers.
Pimax 8K enables inside-out tracking with modules.
In addition, we will enable house-scale ( >50 sqm ) tracking with a new module.

Last updated: Tue, October 24 2017 3:31 PM UTC +03:00

What do you find unclear, exactly?

Demo, photo, video, comparison, tech specs, release date, updates.
What can you offer in terms of precise answers, exactly?

Answers? None.

I wouldn’t have gotten any of the things you just wrote from the original question, though – it seemed more kind of: “what do these words mean?”. :7

The quoted bit looked pretty self-explanatory in its limited scope: The “lighthouse” system can be used with Pimax’s own software stack, with its own set of supposedly flexible features, or with SteamVR – As to whether directly accessed by SteamVR, or through the former, wrapping APIs, I would like to know, too. :7

Inside-out camera: So they will be offering a environment camera module one of these days - no saying when, just like all the ohers… :7

I’ve also always been confused by the tracking options, like what development would be easier with pitracking whatever that is? Making games for steamvr is tracking-wise exactly zero amount of work.

On top of that, will using the pitracking during development result in the application not being trackable by lighthouse? I assume so but why? I don’t understand why the headset isn’t just sending positional data regardless.

There is wide variety if approaches that could be utilized for tracking.

Laser Tracking as per valve’s design (steam)

Optical tracking; ie msmr style. & Hand modul.
-Greg from Driver4vr has been working using Leap Motion as some kind of roomscale. @jonnypanic has said Leap still needs a lot work if mem serves.

Wi-Fi triangulation? (A user posted an article)

GPS based tracking (read an article awhile back).

Simple Truth PiMax will develop their own tracking at some point. But with the idea of modular design means other devs can create their own tracking ideas & have them supported potenially native.

Case in point could use echo locate sound waves like a bat if a developer wants to. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I really wish pimax would call lighthouse lighthouse, not laser tracking.


They do call the “Light houses” lighthouses. Lol

Its the laser tracking that tracks the light houses’ lasers beams. :wink:

But i know what you mean. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:

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If it’s ultimately possible, having the Leap Motion module perform double-duty as an inside-out tracker would be fantastic. It effectively doubles the value of the module while eliminating the bulk, complexity and weight of another add-on to the HMD.

Might be mistaken or idea hadn’t worked out. Might have been something Greg was exploring. Jonny & a few others here have alot of experience with Driver4vr.

Link for driver4vr.

I expect you’d run into range issues. The leap motion optics should be tuned to its working volume - your arm reach. If one extend that range to encompass the entire room, the resolution of the device would begin to “dilute”, and then they could no longer pick up quite as subtle finger motions. :7

The leap is used for hand/controller tracking, not roomscale. Still need a Kinect for positional tracking.

The Leap used to work very well but for me the new steamvr update broke things. Hopefully will be fixed again with updates. Kinect support is getting better, especially v2 apparently.

I am hoping to use a kinect/leap/ps move combo. (psmove for better gyro).

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Cool that confirms i had misread the last time when new features coming to Driver4vr. Thanks for the clarification. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Do you support Lighthouse 2.0 from Vive Pro for 21’x21’ tracking area?

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Yes, they use lighthouse 2.0 sensors and thus both 2.0 and 1.0 lighthouses are supported.

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